Gameshow doesn't remember license

Since updating to 4.5, every time I start up Gameshow it requires me to enter my license before I can proceed. Also, when I installed 4.5, I completely deleted the Telestream folder in Program Files because I couldn't finish the installation until I did so. I also delete the Gameshow folder in AppData. If settings are stored there, they were removed. Any reason why this might be?

EDIT: I decided to try using the software anyway, regarding this as simply an annoyance until I received a response; I have now reached the maximum number of activations and can no longer activate the software despite having already activated it on this machine, and must reset the license using the tool. This is not in any way acceptable.

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  • Maik Lohse Yes there's something odd going on for sure. We're working on it. Do send in a support ticket and note specifically what you had to do to send it in.

  • CraigS  Any answers yet?

  • I wouldn't hold my breath. A CS rep told me via email that they are busy working on the next version of Wirecast and that it might be another "month or so" before a new version of Gameshow is being released.....

  • Maik Lohse Sometimes rollouts take time because we're trying to address several issues. We're finding in many cases GameShow actually remains activated despite it stating otherwise. I get the request for activation when I open GameShow as well and the license area may show Free version but there's no watermark when I stream in 1080 (which would be watermarked in the free version). There will be a fix of course but there may be other fixes some users have noted as well.

  • @CraigS Gross

  • Robby Hieser We are working on a fix.

    • CraigS craig_seeman  Morning!

    Sad to see Gameshow is retiring.  Has there been an update or patch release to fix this issue?  My obvious concern is with Gameshow retiring I'll never be able to use this software again without this error being fixed. 


    Thanks so much!

  • Darrell Totally with you. But frankly I don't think they care

  • Maik Lohse   Hmmmm maybe, I mean I was not getting that vibe from them thus far.  I think they care, but they can't fix the problem and wish they would just come out and say that and maybe either release the new software eliminating this and other past bugs or release a version we can use that does not have this issue coded into it.  I feel like music match media all over again.

  • Maik Lohse said:
    I don't think they care

     Not true because we like the potential of loyal customers and we never stop developing even if, occasionally, a given product's life comes to an end. Certainly, Telestream is full on into the streaming business. Keep an open mind.

  • CraigS    Good to hear.  Look forward to getting the new edition once it is released.  Sorry to hear that will be the last one and look forward to new stuff that comes out eventually with Telestream

  • Darrell We do want to make sure we fix bugs so you can continue to use it after support ends. We certainly have ideas we're investigating.

  • CraigS I followed these instructions and now Gameshow doesn't open. Every time I try to open it again I get an error that Gameshow Quit unexpectedly. I needed this to work for an ongoing stream today and now I'm totally sunk... I even tried to uninstall and reinstall and the same issue is happening every time.

  • Ronnie Baskin 

    On MAC:

    Applications > Show in Finder. Right click on Gameshow > Show Package Contents > Contents > Resources > Support Assistant. Click to open. The select Reset Preferences in the lower left and try to start Gameshow.

  • CraigS 

    CraigS said:
    On MAC:
    Applications > Show in Finder. Right click on Gameshow > Show Package Contents > Contents > Resources > Support Assistant. Click to open. The select Reset Preferences in the lower left and try to start Gameshow.

     Hey Craig,

    It looks like that did the trick. I was able to get the stream up and running just in time yesterday. Thank you so much for your quick response. Glad I picked up this app last year, it's been a huge help with the eSports club I started up.

    Thanks again for your help. Great support for an end of life product.

  • Ronnie Baskin You're welcome of course. 👍

  • Okay, a couple questions from all the info I just read in this thread..

    I was under the impression Gameshow was pretty new software when I bought  it less than a year ago. It's being discontinued already? Support for it going away? Also, I am still having this issue too. I am running windows 10 64bit, the gameshow version is 4.5.0 64bit(1018.51d16ad3)  I have tried all the things in this thread, (except for the reset tool becuase I haven't hit a "maximum activations" wall yet) but it still ask every time. Any development on a permanent fix for win users?

  • Jonathan Kilbourn Unfortunately the developers have decided to go in a different direction. They're focusing on their general streaming software, Wirecast, rather than the game market.

    Support will continue until the end of the year so they should fix bugs you find.

    If you go to GameShow > Help > Send Support Information you can open a ticket and report the license request bug still exists.

  • CraigS Well that sux. But thanks for that info. I will submit the ticket to help other users, but I think if they are going in a different direction, I must as well. I guess I'll go back to fraps, it's limited but it works. I really liked gameshow though. It was soooo super easy to use. 

  • Jonathan Kilbourn Or try this :

  • Jonathan Kilbourn Telestream is focusing on its Wirecast line which does have more features at a higher price but doesn't have some features specific to gamers. Granted the price is steep for some people.

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