Audio FX doubles, doesn't save (macOS)

Gameshow 4.5.0 on macOS 10.12.6.

When I initially add FX to an audio source, it functions as expected. However, if I close the window or quit Gameshow, everything breaks. Here's an example:

I've added a single "Dynamics" FX to an audio source. It's the only FX added to this source:


It functions normally! But if I save, quit and re-launch Gameshow, the audio source will now show 2 "Dynamics" FX instead of just one. To make matters worse, clicking the options to adjust the settings just shows me a blank window, instead of the above screenshot:


Both of the "Dynamics" show nothing in the window. Neither of them are working correctly, either—the effects aren't being applied. I've noticed that if I remove the bottom (2nd on the list) FX and save, then quit and re-launch Gameshow, I'll still have 2 Dynamics FX, and both windows will continue to be blank. However, if I remove the first Dynamics FX instead, saving and relaunching will show that all audio FX are removed.

Obviously this makes Gameshow nearly unusable for me—the only way to utilize Audio FX is to set them up every single time the application is launched, which is extremely time-consuming. Every other aspect of Gameshow is saving correctly—shots, objects, even the audio sources themselves. But it duplicates my audio FX and leaves me unable to edit them (and renders them disabled in the process). It's also worth noting that once I've relaunched Gameshow and have the "blank FX window" problem, even adding new FX doesn't work, since they all give me a blank window. I've had this problem across multiple audio sources, and simultaneously.

Hopefully I can get some help! Thanks!

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