Gameshow 3.1 Beta - Hotkey Improvements, Doc Recovery, Stretch to fit, drop shadows, and more!

Hey everyone, it has been a little while since we released a beta! The release of 3.0 did not have a beta due to the licensing system change.

This release has a number of great things, single-key hotkeys that can be set to global, document recovery, progress bars for shots containing media, subscriber widget works for hitbox and youtube, and more!

  • New! Added the ability to create single-key keyboard hotkeys.
  • New! Document recovery after crash or improper shutdown of Gameshow
  • New! Added progress bars to the icon of Shots containing media clips.
  • New! Subscribers widget now works with Hitbox and YouTube destinations.
  • New! Drop shadow effect added to the Text widget.
  • New! Independent X and Y scaling in Shot Layer Properties.
  • New! Stretch to fit capability added to Shot Layer Properties.
  • Added the ability for exported templates to retain Widget SDK source settings.
  • Fixed an issue where changing a Hotkey’s name could break its action associations.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on launch after resetting the preferences.
  • Fixed a hang when using hotkeys for Replay.
  • Fixed an issue where Gameshow could become sluggish when using Chroma Key with webcams.
  • Fixed an audio drop-out that could occur when using multiple Dynamics audio filters.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when adding a BlackMagic capture card source.
  • Fixed UI drawing issues with the Audio Mixer and Audio Filters.
  • Fixed an issue where audio filters were not loading from a saved document.
  • Fixed an issue where device aspect ratio was not being applied correctly until dragging the preview.

Known Issue: The hotkeys could crash the beta on certain systems. As always, this is a beta, may have bugs.

Windows -

Mac OS X -


Release Notes -

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  • woo!  thanks bryce!

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    • New! Added the ability to create single-key keyboard hotkeys

    This is all I ever wanted, awww yeah. 

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  • Think we will ever get to see some AMD support like OBS,X-Split, DXtory, Bandicam, Action!, Playclaw, D3DGear, Afterburner, etc.. ALL have? Heck some of those apps are one man teams and they have support.......They have an SDK, it is fairly easy to implement, and they are roughly 20% of the is the deal?

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  • Dan Yes we will. When? Not sure at the moment, but it is something we are aware of, and are open to implementing into Gameshow.

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  • New links posted with twitch API fix

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