Just less than a year ago we launched Gameshow 1.0.  We had a sweet booth at TwitchCon, and even had a spot on the TwitchCon main stage to debut Gameshow to over 25,000 people.  While we had a ton of faith in the vision of Gameshow, it soon became apparent that we had fallen short in a few areas when it came to fully satisfying our potential customers…every one of you.

Based on the feedback we received from many of you, we spent the last few releases trying to up our game…and we succeeded.

Starting today with the launch of Gameshow 3.0 we believe we now have the best game streaming app on the market, and we want to prove it to you.


We have improved Gameshow to be the number one performing game streaming app on the market.  We have lower CPU usage (consistenetly 5-10% less than OBS based on our tests) and less frame dropping than the competition, as well as features that are not seen anywhere else.

Instant replay, full scene playlisting, 3 master layers for unlimited scene creation control, built in Twitch Alerts integration and a fully fleshed out audio mixer with built in VST based audio effects are just a few of features that you cannot find in any other software.

We have also refactored our Directshow implementation meaning better performance for audio and video devices plugged into Gameshow.


We are changing our licensing system.  No more subscriptions. In place of this system you can now purchase Gameshow, and have it FOREVER for $29.  That’s it.  For less than half the price of a new game, you get Gameshow for the rest of time.  There is one caveat.  When you buy Gameshow for $29, you will get updates for 1 year.  At an update rate of every three weeks, that is 15+ updates per year of new features and bug fixes. If you want to buy another year’s worth of updates, you can for an additional $29, or you can just stick with the version you have for the rest of time.

If you are not ready to purchase, we have another option for you.  We dropped the trial system in Gameshow, and now have a free version.  Fully functional, the free version will allow you to regularly test new builds of Gameshow until you are ready to buy the full version.  The only difference here is a visual watermark that will appear if you are streaming OR recording above 720p30 1750kbps. 

With this new system we believe you have incredible flexibility in testing and purchasing a product that meets your standard for game streaming.


We are aware that Gameshow was not the perfect tool for some of you in the past, and are now ready to create the ultimate streaming tool.  We invite you to come be a part of our progress.  Download the free version of Gameshow 3.0 right now, and make your streams worth watching.

In the end, what does it all come down to?

We believe Gameshow is awesome. We have the best performance, the best features, the best support team and a 3 week update cycle that will keep us ahead of the competition.  Plus, $29 to stream forever…that’s a sweet deal.

Check out Gameshow 3.0 now! 

Full release notes here:

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  • well if this isn't slapping down a gauntlet to the competition:)
    A question though - just so I'm clear - the install of this 3.0 will slide over the existing install of 2.6 without any problems?? there's no fundamental changes to the gmsh files that will mean needing to rebuild existing templates/show screens?

    Oh and can I just say - you guys rock!

  • Cranky Canuck 

    Gameshow 3.0 is designed to work with 2.6 document files after you install 3.0.

  • thank you

  • What's that about reworked Elgato things?
  • Donovan Lewis 

    That is for PC only. Sadly, Elgato still does not have a 64bit driver for the MacOS.

  • Awesome news! I think the $29 for a year is a crazy good deal. I honestly want to use this reguarly as my streaming software, as the feature set is great, but I also started streaming on Beam, and I know GameShow doesn't yet have support for custom RTMP servers. 

  • using the magewell on Mac, is there a way to capture game audio, chat audio and computer audio through my headset?
  • Considering this statement from you, "We are aware that Gameshow was not the perfect tool for some of you in the past, and are now ready to create the ultimate streaming tool.  We invite you to come be a part of our progress. "


    Does that mean those of us who say paid $99 for the year, and still have over 6 months left are going to be upgraded to this new version at no cost? AKA we get to keep our version when our year is up.  I will honestly take it as a loss, waste, whatever, just asking.

    Keep in mind some of us, gave you $99 this past year hoping to see if you'd implement features that never came to AMD support (still not yet) etc.. so the program has been idle while we wait. I think your statement speaks to the fact even you guys realize this.

  • I'm wondering the same thing as Dan. What's going to happen to those who just paid $99…? =/ 

  • Brian A. Calderon 



    Those of you with a current subscription to Gameshow will be upgraded to the new 3.0 version at no cost. 30 more days will be added to your current subscription. This means that if you had 6 months left, you now will be getting 7 months of updates. 

    After that period of time is over, Gameshow will no longer update, but you will keep Gameshow as is for the rest of time.  If you wish to add more updates, it will be 29$ for another year of updates. You can purchase this at any time.

    That is the general setup. 

    If a situation arises that you believe should be addressed outside of this framework, let me know.  Don't want to leave you guys hanging.


    Very willing to work with you.

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