gameshow bait-and-switch! what gives!?!?

I bought Game Show less than 2 months ago, and you stop supporting it - pushing me to a link to your other streaming app - basically saying I have to buy ANOTHER one if I want future support streaming things.

Either give those of us who purchased GameShow recently a free license for Wirecast, or give us refunds.

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  • Not to mention, Wirecast is literally 10x more expensive than GameShow. 

    What a rip-off. BBB, here I come.

  • I can't believe you cater to churches with this thievery.

  • tsal We've stopped sales. We do continue to support it and will for another year past the end of sales.

    Gameshow is for gamers so I'm not sure about a church's use of it. Gameshow isn't marketed for church use. Wirecast has many features important to churches. 

  • CraigS You sell another product to churches, and your page announcing the end of "development" pushes people to go look at that product, which, again is TEN TIMES AS EXPENSIVE.  Not that it matters, I'm sure the churches you cater to are full of charlatans anyway.

    Anyway, you're liars, too - because now every time Game Show starts, I have to re-enter my license information, because it keeps removing it.  Since you're not developing it anymore, I'm guessing that won't be fixed eh?

    You don't get my point - you're doing something shady, and you've ripped people off - regardless of whether that was your intention - IT IS WHAT YOU HAVE DONE.

  • tsal Gameshow was targeted toward gamers who stream to YouTube and Twitch. It was never intended for houses of worship. Wirecast has been the product for that market and includes several specific house of worship destinations.

    GameShow bugs may continue since we continue to support up through the end of the year. GameShow will continue to work well beyond that as long as you maintain the last compatible operating system.

  • Gameshow is currently at 4.5.1 and bug fixes will be released as needed. Gameshow is still supported and will be until the end of the year.

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