Video Enhancement

Hello Guys,

I want to find out how I can improve the streaming experience for my son.


Here's a video link to show you our first streaming test:

Please fast forward to 3 minutes.


- The game does not fit the screen

- The game becomes super slow when streaming 'Monitor' or 'Screen Capture'. (My PC Specs are attached)

- Nothing happens if I switch to 'Game' it doesn't show anything.

- Webcam background does not get removed when I click 'Use chroma key'. 

Appreciate all the feedback I can get to improve it.




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  • Make sure CPU use is under 60% while streaming. Capturing has three settings, Game, Window, Monitor.  If it isn't I can make suggestions.

    With some games Game works best, in others Monitor may work better. It depends on how the game uses the GPU. The GPU is important because some monitor sizes can stress the GPU. It's better to use a monitor set to 1920x1080 than 4K (which will stress the GPU more).

    With Chroma Key, lighting is very important. Make sure you use the Pick key color with mouse if the Use Chroma Key isn't getting you the best key.

    Make sure you're using the current version of Gameshow which is 4.5.1 (recently updated) because we fixed some of these issues.

  • Thanks Craig!

    When we play the game 'Counter Strike' without Gameshow running, it runs smoothly.

    But with Gameshow running, it gets super laggy.

    Is it normally like this?



  • Charles It may depend on the system resources. Gameshow needs both CPU and GPU resources along with some memory as well.

    If the game itself is OK but looks laggy in Gameshow only that can be an issue with the capture mode. Some games do better if you use Screen Capture in Monitor mode and then make the game full screen. Of course that works better if you have a two monitor setup and GPU with the resources to handle all that.

    Any time the CPU goes over 60% though that can impact Gameshow and game play. You have a good recent Quad i7 CPU though. Having only 8GB of memory might be an issue. When the system doesn't have enough memory it may start to use the system drive as "virtual" memory and that slows access down.

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