Help sell me on GameShow over OBS

I bought GameShow a couple months ago and have done some tests compared to OBS. It's clear that GameShow has prestigious lineage but maybe for my needs OBS is better. I REALLY WANT GameShow to work for me, so maybe I'm doing something wrong and you can help me to see what I'm missing.

Pros/Cons of GameShow over OBS, for me (I am on MacOS and that's important to note):


*Clearly superior UI, shot design, audio mixer, all laid out more cleanly

*Does not suffer from PVW/PGM framerate drop bug that OBS has on Mac when in "Studio Mode"


*Does not allow RTMP/RTSP sources (If I want to use GameShow I'd have to decode my camera using a RasPi and send that video to another capture card, or decode in OBS and NDI it over to GameShow. Buzzkill.)

*$30 in the hole so far

*Can't send to custom RTMP (I didn't want to list this as a con, but if OBS can do this for free, why do I need to pay $970 more to unlock similar features?)

*Encoding quality much worse, even at higher bitrates compared to OBS (This one was an absolute shock to me, as I assumed Telestream's encoding would be rock solid. I MUST be doing something wrong here? Right? Hopefully?)


The RTSP/RTMP camera source is a pretty important one to me. If anyone knows of a good workaround, I'm willing to go all-in on GameShow. If the answer is "Buy Wirecast" then nevermind. If it weren't for OBS's MacOS framerate bug I wouldn't be here, but I am, and I'd love for someone to preach to me why GameShow is better because it certainly looks the part-


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  • Gameshow does not have a custom RTMP destination as we have another program that does so in Wirecast. 

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  • Masen Unfortunately this is non-negotiable with game streaming for the most part (unless you're exclusive to Twitch). Really keen to purchase Gameshow, think it's going to be a superior product, but right now for professional streamers the everything is extensively available in OBS. I'd like it streamlined and I'm prepared to pay for it, just waiting for someone like Gameshow to do it. 

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