~~License Activation Reset Tool~~


We have created a License Activation Reset Tool.

In certain cases, you may have used up all of your license activations, without a way to deactivate those activations.

This can happen if:

  • You reinstalled Windows
  • You are installing on a new machine
  • You made some major changes to your machine around hardware and software.
  • You have it activated at home but want to activate on your laptop and have no way to deactivate on your home machine.

This tool will allow you to remotely deactivate any associated activations with that license.

This tool will not however, allow you to retrieve your license if you lost or otherwise are unable to access your receipt email from time of purchase. You will still need to contact our support department to retrieve a lost serial number. Please be aware of our support hours as detailed here: https://gameshow.forumbee.com/t/q5mt06/stop-read-this-first

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