Sudden Drop in Camera quality

Hello Gameshow community!


I'm fairly new to the this platform, but I've been enjoying it quite a bit so far! It has made a newbie like myself feel like I actually have some control over what I can produce in my streams! But alas I have a problem!!


I just returned from taking a 30 day break from dialing in my stream and decided to further explore the brand new Logitech C922 webcam I purchased immediately prior to taking that break. I loaded up gameshow, made sure everything loaded in properly and began doing a test record. During that test, I noticed that the camera layer in my shot looked extremely "pixilated", for lack of a better term. This surprised me, as my last memories of using Gameshow prior to leaving was that everything looked amazing. So, I start trying to tweak settings to try and get things back to the beautiful way they were. I found that while the camera capture layer was "scaled to fit" the shot, it looked fantastic! However, upon trying to scale the size of the camera capture down to be more manageable with the intent of placing it in the corner of my shot, the video quality drastically decreases.

The main reason this is so bothersome to me is that I vividly remember have a smaller camera capture layer that still looked smooth. I KNOW its possible! I just cannot for the life of me get back to what ever magical settings I had prior to my departure.

What could be so different? What could cause a once perfectly normal Camera Capture quality to become to blocky?


Thank you in advance! I promise I can follow directions pretty well :)

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  • You can configure the resolution of your camera using the shot editor 'System Device' properties menu

    Try changing your Capture Device Size to be higher to see if it suits your needs better


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