Double Audio/Delayed Audio/Dropped Frames/High CPU/ETC

If you didn't notice, there are a few problems going on with this software and me. I'm running Windows 10 Anniversary, have an HD60Pro ElGato, C922, and I've been streaming with OBS for 2 years. 

Let's start with my gripes and we'll go step by step. The Quality of the stream output, even at 1080/3500kbps looks muddy. Using the base settings, my CPU usage for the app alone dances between 40% and 60%, and that is using only Elgato, so my computer isn't processing anything else.

When I do run anything on my computer, it hits 100% system CPU and the memory on my 16GB of RAM hits 51% with GameShow alone. The high CPU usage is causing me to drop frames like crazy as well. Using OBS, I almost NEVER have dropped frames. I really wanted to like the software. I like the advantages of it, but so far I'm getting A LOT of disadvantages. 


So, now that I've gotten the general complaints out of the way, here is the specific. When capturing gameplay from my ElGato HD60Pro, I create a new source using the capture source. Select my Elgato, and I leave Monitoring on, otherwise I wouldn't be able to hear the game. Everything sounds normal, until I realize all audio is being doubled. Now, I also have a "capture system sounds" thing going on, which I thought would be why there is double audio. When I turn off monitoring for System Audio, I still hear double the audio. I checked my instances, only one instance of ElGato exists, and even deleted it from my other shots.


Side tangent, my audio is perfectly synced to the game footage that is output to my stream, HOWEVER for me monitoring it, there is like a half second delay. The delay is also present in the source monitor, so I can't play off of it. Any idea why any of this is happening?

Any idea why my CPU usage is sooooo insanely high? Or why Im dropping hundreds of frames every minutes or two? I would LOVE for this product to work and do what I wanted it to do. I really would, please any help would be appreciated!


If these problems can't be resolved though, I would like to seek a refund, as I can't see myself trudging through these issues when OBS is sitting right next to GameShow on the dock and works just fine. 


Thank you for reading!

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  • Hi Keyon First thanks for your interest in Gameshow, we are working really hard to make this the streaming tool gamers want. 

    First I would like you to reset your Preferences by going to Help > Send Support Information. Close Gameshow. Then click "Reset Preferences" in the lower left corner of the Support Assistant window. This kind of cleans out old, unnecessary info and allows Gameshow to run more efficiently. We recommend resetting preferences after any updates.

    Can you let me know your system specs, the game(s) you are streaming, and any other hardware you are using. Its hard to determine what is causing the high CPU without taking a look at log files, but this will give us an brief look at what you are doing. 

    Are you monitoring the audio through headphones? If you are listening to the live game AND monitoring the audio in Gameshow this could be why you're hearing double audio. Is the double audio apparent on the stream or just in monitoring? 

  • kat System Specs: 

    Windows 10 Home 64Bit

    Intel Core I7-6700 8M Skylake Quad Core 3.4 Ghz

    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 G1 Gaming Edition


    • Samsung 250GB 850 EVO M.2 SSD
    • Western Digital 2TB Black Series 7200 RPM
    • G.SKILL TRidentZ Series 16GB DDR4 (2 x 8)

    Gigabyte G1 Gaming GA-ZA170X Gaming 5 Motherboard

    C922 Logitech Webcam recording at 1920x1080 30fps. 


    Did you need anything else? 


    The game I was testing GameShow on was Resident Evil HD Remake on the Xbox One and that was being captured through my Elgato HD60Pro. I also tested Minecraft running on my PC while SEUS Shaders. Minecraft ran so poorly it was skipping frames. 

    And I was monitoring the game audio through the headphones so I could actually play the game. Is there another way to do this? I had System sounds also recording, but I had monitoring for that turned off. I didn't hear the doubling, but the stream did. Which leads me to believe that the System sounds are listening to the monitoring of the ElGato, while also still outputting the ElGato sounds. If I silence the ElGato, System sounds would stop, but then I wouldn't be able to hear the game. If I monitor System sounds, then I also hear double. 

    Let me know if you need any other information. Thanks!

  • Based on what I read here, sounds like you should: 

    • Mute the capture card in Gameshow
    • Ensure you continue to use system audio capture
    • Mix Minus System Audio Capture in the audio mixer(or uncheck the monitoring box in the last tab for that source) so you can use monitoring in gameshow if you choose.
    • I would also mix minus my microphone in this scenario.


    This should allow you to hear the Elgato card through the system audio (much like any other PC game) due to the fact that you have the elgato monitoring feature turned on.

    You need to mute the capture card in gameshow so that you are not capturing the audio twice.

    System audio capture will capture the monitoring of the elgato and send it to your stream.

    Mix Minusing the system audio capture will prevent a feedback loop. You can already hear it, and should never monitor system audio capture, or you will get a feedback loop.

    This will accomplish what you wish to achieve.


    Let's see where that gets you. If you are unhappy with the result, I can explain the other ways of accomplishing what you are after. If I was forced to use an Elgato card, I would do it different, but it would be much more complicated.


    For CPU, that is certainly fixable.... I have a almost identical machine to yours and do not have any of the cpu issues you are experiencing. Kat can work with you some more on that.

  • Bryce Stejskal

    For the double audio, I think it solved the issue. Kind of, still a weird thing going on, but I can look past it for now.

    As for CPU usage, I reset the settings (which considering it was a clean install, I didn't think it would do anything anyway) but after I just turned on GameShow, my CPU usage for GameShow alone is 30-35% and I'm literally sitting here not doing anything. As soon as I press anything, it jumps to around 45-50%. Sometimes it's even getting as high as 60%.  Playing sunset overdrive on Xbox One (which shouldn't add much more stress to the software alone) I saw a jump to 70% CPU form the App alone. Playing for the short while that I have, I've dropped 900 frames in the last 12 minutes. Not horrible, but not pleasant when OBS doesn't drop any for me unless my connection gets screwed up. 

    You're saying you're running a similar setup as me, but the app itself is eating up my CPU like it's lunch. I just ran a 2nd test, my CPU of my system hit 100% a few times AND 

    Here is my current GameShow Setup.

    Master Layer 1 - Twitch Notifications (Follower Alert, Subscriber Alert, Hosting Alert, Donation Alert, and Twitter Alert) All alerts are done through the built in API for StreamLabs except the Twitter alert. That is a browser source.

    Master Layer 2 - I have 3 shots set up. First shot is a gif, a background image, and 2 text layers. Second shot is my C922 webcam, an image overlay, a background, a carousel, and a text layer. Third shot is my game footage, a carousel, my webcam, and a text layer. 

    Master Layer 3 - Desktop Audio and Microphone input.


    Like i said, I REALLY want this to be my new software. I just can't use it and can't see myself owning it or promoting it if it keeps working out. I have people in chat saying there are screen glitches (probably from my CPU maxing out) and the audio cuts out at those points as well. I see a lot of potential in this software, but I need that potential to work! So please, let me know if I can provide any more information. Thanks.


    SIDE BAR: After I posted this post saying the double audio was fixed, I tested my StreamLabs Alerts. They were too loud, way too loud, and I suppose there might be a way to fix that in the audio mixer, fine. Don't sweat that one, however the issue of the double audio with the Elgato MAGICALLY CAME BACK O_O Now that one makes no sense to me whatsoever. >_>

  • Can you please submit a support ticket and post back here with the case number? This can be done from within the help menu, send support information. This will allow us to see your document and identify where the double audio is coming from.

    This same workflow is used frequently here in the web studio, so it must be a misconfiguration somewhere. I use the audio out from my TV, run it into a line input on my mobo. In Voicemeeter Banana, I mix that line in with my headphone output. I remove monitoring from my capture card, but use the embedded audio from the capture card to go to the stream. I also Mix Minus the system audio so that if I do use monitoring, I do not end up with feedback. This ensures proper audio timing in my headphones with my live game play on the passthrough to my tv, while capturing in time with the capture. There are many ways to accomplish this, with various tradeoffs, but this is my preferred method. Somewhat complicated.


    The CPU usage should be no where near that high. I run Gameshow with fantastic results on the following system:

  • Bryce Stejskal Here is my case number that was produced. 00451582 

  • Other than you telling me to reset my preferences, and start from scratch, thus eliminating the OBS transfer function from ACTUALLY one has really helped me. 


    I started from scratch, and now my voice and cam are desynced and my voice is slowed down so I sound super bassy. Im submitting a ticket under the same case number. 00451582 

  • Hey Keyon ,

    Just to be clear, you do not have anything else running in the background? This could include anti-virus software or any other software that might be hiding in the background?

    You are grabbing the camera feed from your c922 and bringing it right in. Are you doing the same with your audio? Is this being brought in from your c922 or do you have a separate microphone you are using?

  • Trevor Bryant I use a USB Yeti as my microphone. The setup I just did (from the previous post) was the GameShow preset where I told it what game I'm streaming, what device is my camera, and which device is my mic. All are being brought directly into GameShow. I didn't have my audio duck software open, any music playing, any bots running, nothing. Just GameShow and the game I was playing. 

    I switched to OBS, rather all the above mentioned software and the game, not a problem or a dropped frame, while GameShow really likes to drop a handful of frames every so often. Everything seemed to be working fine with GameShow until I activated my camera and used the Chroma key. Then the camera and audio were off sync, and the audio was slowed down for whatever reason. Turning off the camera afterwards didn't fix the issue.

    This software has not worked for me since day 1, and I've tried multiple times, multiple set ups, but for whatever reason it keeps having issues. 

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