Low FPS when recording/streaming on Mac and World of Warcraft (7.2)

Hi all

I've this problem with all Gameshow versions. I'm experiencing this issue in WoW because I'm recording/streaming only this game. Don't know if it's present with other games.

When GS is idle, it shows 30 FPS but immediately after starting recording/streaming it drops down to 10-14 FPS and the game has an annoying and evident FPS stuttering. 
I've tried:
- lowered recording/streaming configurations: nothing changes.
- changed capture method (from Game to Screen and Window): same.
- changed some paramaters in both recording/streaming section to lowering the cpu/gpu computings needs: same.
- changed WoW screen mode from Windowed to Fullscreen: nothing

The strange thing is that if I keep the focus on Gameshow window (on a secondary screen) the FPS are increasing to 20-25 (with WoW capped to 30 fps, because out of focus), but if I click on WoW, leaving the Gameshow's window on background, the FPS drops to 10-14, as i written before. It seems a problem with OS priority/multitask...

With this problem I can't do nothing because both streaming or videos are unaccettable at this frame rate.

My info:
- iMac late 2013 with i7, GTX 780M (4 Gb), 16 Gb RAM
- 1 Gb up/down fiber internet connection - no lag with everything
- 1 external monitor
- WoW @ 2560x1440; recording/streaming resolution scaled to 1920x1080, Metal API active

I'm using Gameshow because OBS has a lot of problems with Apple Metal games. But at this point I don't know how to stream/record my gameplays...


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  • First I would try to record at 720p you can also try lowering your in game resolution,   You may also wanna try just as a test changing from Metal to OGL to see if that has any affect, i know metal gives some speed boosts to some systems but could also be causing some issues wile trying to capture it.   I would not use window capture in mac as  it halfs the FPS just because of that.  Long story but that part is a apple issue, game capture should work though.   

  • Hey, I am having this issue as well, all of my other games stream fine, were you able to resolve this issue?

  • swap metal for open gl 4.5  Metal has a strange habbit of not being capture friendly...   SInce it still beta for blizzard expect it to improve over time. 

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