Unable to Adjust Levels of Game Audio

Hello, let me start by saying I really like Gameshow. I just started using it this week on Mac and it solves all my major streaming problems. I just got a Gamecube for streaming games and I have it hooked up to the mac via yellow red and white cables to my blackmagic shuttle intensity usb 3.0 capture device. When I had my wii u hooked up the the blackmagic device I could use the capture device utility panel on the left side of the screen to adjust the game audio up and down, distinctly from my mic audio. However now that I had the gamecube hooked up, the audio panel does nothing, neither raises or lowers the levels for the stream. I can still adjust my mic audio, but gameshow doesn't seem to be able to affect the audio levels of the sd audio coming from the cube's cables. Is this an issue with all sd audio? I can adjust the audio levels on the blackmagic intensity itself by going into my control panel and adjusting it there, but it is a lot more rudimentary and clumsy than gameshow's wonderful interface. Am I doing something wrong (besides being an adult man obsessed with video games)? 

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  • Are you able to adjust the gain from your Screen capture in the Audio Mixer?

  • Masen is there an audio mixer separate from the lefthand panel where you can adjust the audio setting on the capture device? 

  • Matt Shore 

    At the top of your screen, click Window > Audio Mixer

  • Masen Will check now, brb

  • Masen yes! that works! Thank you so much! I feel like such a n00b...

  • Masen hey, I have another audio related question you might be able to help me with. For some reason I am getting a little sporadic crackling and dropped audio from this Gamecube stream too, something that didn't happen with my Wii U stream. Is this a result of using the trial version due to some audio limitation? Or do I have some other setting toggled improperly..?

  • Matt Shore 

    No worries. Happy streaming!

  • Crackling audio is often sample rate mismatches. I can't remember off the top of my head what analog audio settings are available on that device.

    Another thing to note: The Shuttle USB3.0 has known audio issues across all software. It is detailed on the BlackMagic forums. It is the only BlackMagic device I am aware of that has issues like that. 

    They call out specific chipsets that do not have the issue if I recall correctly. You may find a workaround or resolution, but just be aware that it may not be able to be fixed. It in no way has anything to do with Gameshow.

  • Bryce Stejskal interesting. it was not an issue when I used Wii U with HDMI connection, but on the gamecube with yellow red and white cables it is fairly common, intermittent. 

  • Yeah, we have customers who have never had the issue and others that have.

    Here is a quote from another company that makes streaming software in relation to the device:

    The Intensity Shuttle USB 3.0 device is not supported by vMix.

    The device has compatibility issues with the majority of USB 3.0 ports and motherboards and it is difficult to find a system where it works well.

    Therefore, while it may work with some systems, we do not provide support for it.

    Sorry for the bad news.

  • Bryce Stejskal that being said, when I do regular a/v captures of Gamecube games with the packaged Blackmagic software the audio crackling does NOT occur. It only occurs when working within Gameshow, so I am not 100% convinced it is not a Gameshow error.

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