I need private support

Support hours are as follows:

  • Monday-Friday
  • 8am - 5pm PST

Posts outside of this time frame are unlikely to get a response until the following business day.


Am i reading this correctly, the support only exists as a open forum?

can i not submit a ticket?

contact game show directly?


I wanted/attempted to handle this privately with someone named Bryce, a rep who hasnt posted in over 2 months, i did not want to create any ripples in your future business, wanted to handle this behind closed doors so to speak

 But the further we get away from the purchase date the bigger of a hassle it will be if and when i have to contact my bank because im left in the dark or with no other options, im glad this software works great for some people but within the first hour i had crashes, many frames dropped and audio issues.

i reached out for a refund within 24 hours of buying, i also DM'd someone who appears to work here directly with no response going on a few days now (with holiday considered)

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  • Over a month since you posted, have you gotten a response yet? 


    Not sure how much weight their message has, as there's plenty of people in the various sections who've posted for help and they've not had a response in days or weeks, so it's not a "following business day" thing. 

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  • Matthew Crighton 

    No sir, i will usually do whatever it takes to get my money back if i feel im "in the right" while also supposedly covered under refund policy according to their tos But this was around the holidays and just couldnt be bothered to chase them down or file a claim via my bank.

    Short answer:

    There was no attempt from them, on this website, to rectify or even address my concerns.


    To be honest its shocking due to the fact they do have a very successful piece of software on the market.

    Industry grade.

    Some would consider it to be the standard.


    Appears they could care less about supporting this consumer grade version though possibly because of a much lower installed user base maybe, focusing all the manpower on their already successful program. 


    P.S I initially requested "private support" as a courtesy gesture, private and discreet out of respect.

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  • Yeah I'm just a newbie who's growing increasingly concerned about the lack of responses on this site from official members of staff, especially after being directed to this "gameshow.forumbee.com" which seems to be different from their original site (as you can see the URL changes from http://www.gameshow.net/contact-support.htm to the current).


    I'm currently making a support request via this page: https://store.gameshow.net/support/
    I'd urge you to do the same if you have some time, and maybe include the fact that these forums seem completely devoid of any proper support right now. 

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