The Magic Unicorn Pwned. 60 fps Streaming . As a Non Partner.

So you have a low end system not a lot of bandwidth but still want to stream 60 fps and keep your user base without having to stream ungodly bitbit rates.    Now you can, well thanks in part to gameshow 2.5 and above.


First off thanks for the resource improvements, gameshow top shelf there. 


First off you are going to want to change your output resolution while I know most people like to stream in full 1080p or 720p , guess what it is not actually needed , why you ask.... I will tell you

First off most people watching twitch one don't watch in fullscreen and second 80 percent of twitch user base actually watches on a mobile device with a 5 inch to 6 inch screen . 


Second part this will not degrade your stream in any way , why ?  Because of per pixel to bit rate still keeps almost a 1 - 1 ratio so even with a lower resolution and the same bit rate it still translates to say 1080p or 720p when blown to full screen because pixel  count to bitrate still retained with a .0001 percent difference .


First off we are going to use the resolution 1152x648 which is still 16x9 why do we pick that because that resolution is still divisible by 9 any resolution divisible by 9 is still 16x 9

Secondly we will set the bitrate to 2200- 2500 , depending on your bandwidth this can change, please run bandwidth speed test with a 3-4 mb plus upload test to get your true upload speed bandwidth speed test does not put load on your upload so, I would use somewhere like DSL reports or other bandwidth website that allows you to actually do a upload load test. 


Secondly you will want to use encoder preset fast / if you are streaming consoles this should be pretty easy to get since your pc is not actually doing anything other than taking what is on the capture card and putting it into gameshow like magic.   If you have a beefy cpu you can go down to medium , but I would not go lower as the cpu load vs actual image quality you would never notice in real world transcode.   Not unless you have some really good video software that is doing edge detecting . 

Advanced options should be buffer size = to your bit rate or 3000-3500 depending on your game and maximum screen complexity, I know twitch recommends 80 percent of your upload for buffer but that is actually wrong.   The buffer is how much data can be cached at any given time the more complex the screen goes or more action on the screen the more bandwidth and pixels needed to keep the image from pixelating. 


after that you will want to set in the advanced x264 after your cache size to  --bframes <integer> we will use 16 you can go lower but it maxes out at 16, do not worry about setting it to 16 as x264 encoding does automatic B adapt frames for any given scene. 

Second option we are going to want to set is Reference frame  -refs 6 

  • One of x.264's most useful features is the ability to reference frames other than the one immediately prior to the current frame. This parameter lets one specify how many references can be used, through a maximum of 16 
  • In live-action sources, more reference have limited use beyond 4-8, but in cartoon sources up to the maximum value of 16 is often useful.

After that you can set your audio to whatever you want I personally use 190 aac since the chances are you may have a audiophile watching your stream  that may love you for it..

Attached some screenshots , I would post previous broadcasts but alas twitch does not hold them  that long. 

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  • As an addendum to this, if your cpu can't do fast but only can do say Very fast do not worry , you can offload some of it by adding more bandwidth so if you cap at say 2500 kbps which is about the same as a xbox or ps4  default setting you can get away with veryfast preset on the cpu.  


    This was done on a Macbook pro late 2013 intel i5 2.4 ghz dual core cpu with HT (in intel theory land it is 4 cores.) intel iris gpu 8 gb ddr 3 1600 mhz memory ,  capture card used Blackmagic ultrastudio 4k extreme 

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  • Excellent write up!

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  • Sharing this.

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  • Do note if the game you are playing only supports 30 fps do run matched stream fps, as broadcasting 60 fps on a 30 fps game is just overkill and gives you 0 benifit. This is just designed for games that do run 60 fps so you can show 60 fps and not 30 , 30 fps games will not look better on stream.  They actually look to artificial the same way 120 fps tv's convert 60 hz content to 120 hz content. 

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  • Is there an update to this guide?

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