Are Logitech Webcams not supported?

I'm having an issue with my Logitech webcam. If I add the cam to a shot it shows up with weird scaling that cannot be fixed (compacted video) and it's in black and white only. 

I also have an ASUS webcam built into one of my monitors and it works flawlessly. 


Ive tried the usual USB bus troubleshooting steps, removed drives etc. I have read other threads on this (there is a thread from a year ago, guy had a Logitech cam and strange issues with it, doesn't look like it got solved). 

Is this a known issue?

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  • We do support Logitech webcams but there is a bug in the Gameshow 4.0 Beta where we weren't doing certain color space conversions correctly, leading to a distorted picture. We've already fixed this internally.

  • Amador Custer  Thank you that would explain the other capture I tried to setup and it did the same thing.

    Would like to request you support DSLR camera's as well.  I have a Canon 70D and the Lenses and live view shooting would make for much better shots than traditional webcams.

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