Loud fan and frame drops

I'm on a brand new computer that I just got Wednesday. It's the number 1 with all the top specs and should be able to handle streaming and gameplay at the same time. I hear the fan go crazy loud when Gameshow is running and I see League of Legends drop frames below 30FPS when it's normally at 60+. The System CPU monitor in Gameshow even shows that it's <50% usage; averaging about 40-49% of usage.


Here's a video to demonstrate that Gameshow struggles to quit and when it does—Leauge goes back to normal frames: https://goo.gl/photos/WwvddtJgG4k23sp79


I remember having issues with Sierra last year and it seems like my thread got completely ignored (but thank you to another user, Brandon, who was responding). So I would like to ask again, why does Gameshow work so poorly almost a year after on Sierra?


I'm taking my computer to the store Monday (08-14) so that I can confirm it's not a hardware issue; though, based on some other threads here, it looks like the suspect is Gameshow.


Tested on Gameshow Stable 3.7 and 3.9; also 4.0 (beta).


Computer details:


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  • Thank you for your post. A technician has received your case, and replied to you. Please follow their instructions and we will work together to address your issue in a timely manner.

  • Thanks, Sean has been great. Marking as answered.

  • Brian, I'd love to know how this went for you, because this is happening to me on my own iMac (specs below - your mac is a much more capable machine than mine).

  • Scott Willsey I found it was an issue with a corrupt document. We are still waiting for the developers to inspect it a bit more; so I don't know why it got corrupt. Otherwise, I'm back to "lighter" fan noise, as expected, when streaming + League at the same time.


    One thing I am finding out from Riot is that there is definitely an issue with League and 10.12.6. So that's a bit disappointing, but hopefully it will be fixed as new patches come out and soon-to-be-released High Sierra comes out!

  • Brian A. Calderon thanks!

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