Extremely poor performance

Hey folks! We've been using Gameshow for our streams with some frustrations but general success and satisfaction in the basics of getting our streams working. Up 'til now our setup has been a single-machine affair, with our Mac playing the games and doing the stream capture and encoding. We had three monitors plugged in: the primary monitor, a second monitor with Gameshow and chat, and a third TV with the game on it. Everything worked smoothly.

We decided that we'd like to expand a bit and use a second computer to capture and encode the video so that each computer would be dedicated to its single task. We now have a Windows computer with an AVerMedia Live Gamer HD 2 installed, and our game video running via HDMI through the card's passthrough to the aforementioned TV. Gameshow has been installed and we are at our wit's end. Here's what's been going on:

  • Gameshow is extremely sluggish. Each time I switch shots, I can actually watch each element of the UI redraw. This effect is less noticeable if there aren't any screen or video captures active, but it's still sluggish even at its fastest.
  • Gameshow constantly forgets sizing for web elements, requiring them to be fixed every time the software opens. This is a problem that I had noticed on the Mac version, but was something I had tried to work out with support to no avail and ultimately given up on. Lately it had calmed down on the Mac; on Windows it is in overdrive, with web elements being resized to anywhere from 7% to 12,000% whenever I open a document.
  • More importantly than either of these though is that Gameshow crashes every time I try to add the AVerMedia LGHD Stream capture to the shot. It actually didn't do this at first but has started doing so consistently. This problem means that Gameshow is completely useless for my purposes in this form. I've downloaded OBS to make sure it's not the card itself, and OBS captures it just fine.

One of the reasons we were looking forward to this new setup was that a dedicated capture card would allow us to stream not only Mac games but also Windows and console games as well.

This is the part where I get into Frustrated Consumer Mode: we switched from OBS to Gameshow back in version 3, and it feels like every new version since then has made the software less stable and introduced more problems into our workflow. We liked the overall setup and the advanced toolkit, we liked the better UI, we liked that it seems to use less resources than OBS. It's been steadily becoming more and more frustrating to use, and now with this problem it's become completely non-viable.

Honestly, this post is a little bit of a hail mary because the last time I got on the horn with support, I had a hell of a time even getting them to understand what was happening (it was the web source resizing issue). I'm hoping that maybe I'm just missing something or that there's a driver or a patch or something that will make this all go away and I can go back to being happy with Gameshow. Otherwise I really have no choice but to switch to OBS or another alternative.

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  • Rob , yup can definitely agree.  Seems to have gotten worse.  Interesting how an opensource software seems to be doing laps around Gameshow.  Sad as I really liked using Gameshow.   

  • All right so, good news: Like, the day I wrote this, 4.2 was released into public. The 4.2 beta wasn't doing anything new but the release version seems to have fixed all of these issues except the performance, which, thanks to extensive testing with the new version, we've learned seems to be down to our graphics chip not being up to the task at hand; it would seem that Gameshow relies more heavily on the GPU than expected to render video? So I imagine that problem will be resolved by upgrading the graphics in the rig.

    Anyway. Thanks for coming through on this guys. I know I sounded harsh in the original post, but honestly that comes from a place of really liking Gameshow overall and being sad at the thought of having to switch. 

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