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I have noticed that in version 3.7 that Elgato HD60 Pro  is not able to use 60fps.  Any ideas?  Elgato Software is set to 60fps.  Other game software sees it at 60fps.

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  • What do you mean "Not able to use 60fps"?

    We build our graph to match the incoming resolution. So, regardless of what you have "set" in the Elgato software, we match the incoming resolution.

    This was done to increase stability with Elgato devices. Before we did this, there were delay drift issues over long durations of time, as well as hangs and crashes with Elgato devices. We could not find a method that gave us the desired stability, so we created unique graphs just for Elgato devices.

    This has some side effects right now, no analog input, but to date, only two users have reported it as an issue.

  • Funny thing it used to allow 60fps for the frame rate.

  • What do your video capture properties look like?

    1. C:\Program Files\Elgato\GameCapture\VideoCaptureFilterProperties.exe
  • What are the video settings of the device plugged into the capture card?

  • XBOX One running HDMI into Elgato HD60 Pro.  Using Blackmagic 4K card I don't have the issue with not having 60fps being recognized.

  • You didn't accidentally force some settings on the HD60 pro card, from the screenshot it looks like its doing 1080pfs do to it trying to interlace a 30 fps progressive stream, which would be weird because the Elgato cards do not support Progressive Segmented Frames. 


    I would in game show load up the elgao preferences and make sure something isnt ticked, also you can check the actual elgato software and look..

    The XB1 does not output 1080p30 fps , it's 1080p60 ...

  • Jamie Freeman If I understand correctly there is no longer a way to set preferences for the Elgato card through GameShow software.  Also Gameshow will match the incoming resolution regardless of the configurations in Elgato software.    


    This is why I am lost with this one.

  • I know so am I, I was just going by what it looked like on the picture, I would say try to reset the card and also uninstall wipe the drivers for the card completely and then re install. 

  • I have done pretty much everything.  There is a definite problem with the way Gameshow inputs Elgato hd60.  


    Will work with developers support to resolve this issue. 


    Thank you

  • GameSpeaker it would help if elgato would make drivers that were not ass with everything but there own damn stupid software.

  • Any update with this issue?  Is this planned to get fixed?

  • Update, I managed to get the 60fps working again.  I completely removed all Elgato Drivers and re installed Elgato Drivers.   

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