Gameshow 2.0 Alpha - Color, Audio, Youtube, Layer Hiding&Muting, and more!

It's that time again! We have added quite a bit in this alpha release in preparation for 2.0.

Color correction can be found in the second tab near cropping!

Channel selection for those with pro-audio interfaces that only show up as left or right channel audio. This can now be copied to dual channel mono.

Audio output device selection can be found in the preferences. Setting this to something other than your default system device should alleviate the feedback issues when monitoring your screen capture sources!

Youtube event Management

Layer visibility toggles and Audio muting in the main tab, very handy!

A few new transistions, and a lot of bug fixes!


Release Notes:

  • Added controls to adjust Brightness, Contrast, Gamma, Hue and Saturation for video sources (Mac and Windows)
  • Global and Shot-level channel selection from multi-channel audio input devices (Mac and Windows)
  • Added default audio output device selection to Preferences (Mac and Windows)
  • Added ability to mix a single left or right channel live audio source into dual-mono (Mac and Windows)
  • Added ability to create, remove and edit YouTube events (Mac and Windows)
  • Improved CPU performance of AVFoundation video sources (i.e. web cams) on Mac OS X (Mac)
  • Added ability to display RSS feed text content in the Text Widget (Mac and Windows)
  • Added visibility and audibility toggle buttons for individual video/audio layers within a Shot (Mac and Windows)
  • Added true cross-dissolve transition on Windows version of Gameshow (Windows)
  • Fixed an issue with Image Carousel displaying the placeholder image when the Shot is sent live (Mac and Windows)
  • Fixed an issue where horizontally oriented audio meters were displaying incorrect peak values (Mac and Windows)
  • Fixed header spacing issues in Donors widget (Mac and Windows)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when opening a second document (Windows)
  • Fixed incorrect directional scrolling in Widget Sources that implement scrolling text (Mac and Windows)
  • Fixed an issue where Twitch Chat “Whisper” messages were being displayed in the Chat Widget (Mac and Windows)
  • Fixed an issue where Opacity settings were not being preserved in exported Game Templates (Mac and Windows)

*Yes, the Hotkey Item in the preferences is just a teaser!


Gameshow 2.0 Alpha Installers


Mac OS X

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  • I thought events weren't going to come until March!?! This is awesome. I'll be testing it today!

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  • so cool to see the dual channel mono option!

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  • Brian A. Calderon , the public release isn't until March ;)

    Jose Castillo , You can have it set differently for individual scenes as well!

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  • Just tested the new version…

    • It still does not resume in Full Screen
    • Stream still crashes (my stream has crashed as I'm writing this)
    • Audio is still distorted when League of opens/frequency changes
    • Window capture still fails. (Using AppleScript to switch shots, then LoL opens, fix audio bug, then LoL closes, use AppleScript to switch back to launcher… and the Launcher window stops being captured. The Launcher is minimized automatically when LoL opens.)
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  • Brian A. Calderon , Thanks for the list, I was meaning to ask you for one actually, since most of the issues you have been having were spread out over a few posts.


    • (It still does not resume in Full Screen) Can you detail a little more what you mean by that? I'm a bit more Windows oriented than Mac OS.
    • (Stream Crashes) - I do not think anyone has been able to reproduce this here. I was doing some test streams yesterday from a Mac Pro and this did not occur. Can you provide more detail?
    • (Audio distorted - frequency) We have been actively working on this fix actually. Its is marked resolved, and will be in the beta later this month.
    • (Window Capture Failure) - Due to the way Apple Quartz works, minimized windows can't be captured, as far as I am aware. Is the launcher window still up and open when it fails to capture? If not, does it capture again when you un-minimize it? Does it only not capture when applescript un-minimizes it?
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  • This is probably intended behavior but when you select the eye to show or hide a source, it doesn't honor the auto live function and update on the Live shot.

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    • Quit it while in Full Screen; re-launch GS, it is not in Full Screen, when it should be. This is because if it automatically opens up the last document on launch—since that document was in Full Screen, part of Mac's "resuming" would be to put it back in Full Screen on the desktop it was on. But if there was no document open, such as the new picker being a small window, that probably wouldn't go in Full Screen.
    • I can't!!! I don't know what to do!!! I'm so stuck. Any ideas of what I can do to figure it out???
    • Perfffff. Can't wait.
    • Steps:


    1. Ok so… Upon champion select in the Launcher I run an AppleScript that was exported to an application; I click it and it automatically runs the shots I need to animate from Launcher to in game.
    2. Then the Launcher minimizes itself.
    3. League of opens and the loading screen comes up (This is when the audio bug happens. As the loading screen comes up.)
    4. I switch out of LoL and fix the audio frequency… I click continue on the prompt from my AppleScript application to finish the shots animation and switch back to my stream chat and League.
    5. After a game, LoL closes and the Launcher maximizes itself.
    6. I run my in game to launcher AppleScript to animate back to the Launcher… and that's when it stops displaying. The only way to get it back is to switch to GS, click the layer, switch to the settings tab for the layer and then it shows back up.

    But! This is only when I go into LoL and run the AppleScript. If I were to go into GS, switch to a shot without the Launcher—minimize it—then maximize it—then go back to the shot the Launcher is still there. So maybe LoL is breaking window capture? Maybe AppleScript is? I just know it only happens when I go through my whole shebang.


    Bryce Stejskal 

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  • well l will be streaming with this software to see how it can run everything and check for any bugs. and why don't we get a full access key 

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  • Freddie Ramos , What do you mean full access key?

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  • not a trial key

    Bryce Stejskal 

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  • Freddie Ramos 

    Access to the beta with new features is a perk we have if a user wants to try new features before they have been released for public consumption.

    Are you suggesting we let anyone use the beta for free? Our Beta builds are generally very stable, so why would anyone purchase the software if they could just use the beta with more features for free?

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  • I wouldn't describe them as "stable," but they do work as well as the current versions.
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  • all the perk are good and everything but pay for a product that have many competition for free like OBS and some other and we have to pay after the trial is over for a beta release l think is unfair. have to pay for a streaming software considering other



    Bryce Stejskal 

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  • You do not have to use the beta build's , you are paying for the software and they are allowing you to run stable or BETA. 

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  • I'm having no luck at all with Gameshow on my Win10 laptop. Tried v1.4 and 2.0. Both are freezing and crashing. 

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  • I'm going to try out this beta since v1.4.0 is having the same bugs as listed here, but the beta seems to have the feature to reroute audio playback, which I would like to have so I don't have to hear myself from mic.

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  • John Levesque 

    The ability to selectively monitor only certain sources would be called Mix Minus, which we have not implemented...yet.

    We implemented audio output device selection, which allows Gameshow to send audio to an output device other than your system default. This is especially useful, because if you are doing system audio capture, it would feedback if you tried to monitor it at the same time. Now, outputting to a different device than you are capturing from, eliminates that issue!

    Hope your issues with other bugs have been resolved, and stay tuned for 2.0beta2 this week!

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  • **Added default audio output device selection to Preferences**

    When you choose an option there is no way to select apply or ok, as there is no button. Leaving the selection you want on pulldown then leaving the screen and coming back it shows a blank window and when choosing pulldown goes back to default sound driver.

    I'm trying to use a different Audio source and am unable to do so because the selection does not stick



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  • Karl-Heinz R Meier ,

    Did you mean to post this here?

    The 2.0 alpha is an old build. We have since released the 2.0 Beta, then the 2.0 Public release and a 2.1 beta.

    Please try a newer build!

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