Changing selected game title for Twitch stream...

I'm not sure if this is an oversight or a bug but when you create a new stream it asks the game you'll be streaming.  Once it's set it will update your Twitch stream automatically.  Unfortunately if you want to reuse that save file for a different game (doing a Save As for example then customizing the graphics) there it no way I've found through the interface to change the listed game without going to your Twitch Dashboard and correcting it manually.

I have found that I can successfully edit the save file directly but I'm sure this isn't intended.  Otherwise Gameshow is making a great first impression.

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  • Changing the game title after the fact is a known issue that we plan on addressing in a later release. We haven't figured out the best place to put the UI for that though.

    Glad you like Gameshow! Let us know if you have any other suggestions or issues.

  • Ah cool.  Thanks.  :)

  • This is still an issue.

    Perhaps finding the right place for the UI isn't as important as just having the feature in any capacity.

    I set up 19 shots before finding out about this "gotcha".

  • I found a way to fix it via manually adding: game_title="YourGameTitleHere"

    to the twitch <output> inside of the gameshow file's XML.

    If you're not sure where to put it, create a new gameshow file, type in your game name, then open the gameshow file and search for your game name. It will be in the exact place you need to paste game_title into your existing gameshow file.

  • Oh dang, that is obnoxious huh....

    We have a quick link in the output menu to open your twitch dashboard so it can be updated on the fly. We might make this pop up in app soon, though from the sounds of it, everytime you go live with that document it will update to the original game title?

  • yup

  • I am experiencing this same issue. It wouldn't be that big of a deal if it weren't for my VoD's and Notifications all going out as me playing nothing but the one game I initially chose when setting up the scene. I keep getting viewers coming into the chat, expecting to see game 'x' when I'm playing game 'y' that day. Very irritating T^T

  • So a quick solution so you do not have to rebuild your entire document:

    • Open the document in notepad, notepad++ or something of the like.
    • Do a search for   game_title   It is around line 8 to 11 for me.
    • Remove the text between the two quotes that should be the game name it keeps setting to.
    • Save

    That should solve the problem for you, at least in the sense that it will not overwrite your title in your dashboard every time you go live, and you won't have to update the document every time, or rebuild from scratch.

    I have put in a request to have this fixed though.

    Internal REF WIRE-12092

  • Appreciate it!

  • I looked searched for game_title in the .gmsh file but i have found nothing. Does anybody know how to change the title of the stream in gameshow?

  • I opened the file up in notepad and was a bunch of text. Did a search for the title and it didn't find it. Is this still being worked to get this updated without having to do this work around? I now have 4-5 different "layouts" cause of the different games i'm playing.

  • It is no longer an issue since we do not send that title command unless it is the new document.

    On top of that, if it isnt in the doc, it shouldn't be sending anything either way.

    If you want to update on the fly, go to the output menu and click dashboard.

  • Bryce is the Dashboard working for you?  For me it's been greyed out in 3.8 Windows.

  • Greyed out for me and I have the newest update for gameshow / windows 10/ and twitch has been authorized. Any work arounds yet?

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