Audio capture not working?


Using Gameshow on OS X 10.11.1.

Capturing video works fine, and getting my Mic input works as well, but I can't get any of the system audio to be captured. I've of course ticked the box capture audio, but alas, all my videos are muted.

Would love some help.


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  • Testing Gameshow on OS X 10.11.1 and I can capture system sound.

    Just in case there's an issue with a specific game, try opening up a browser with a YouTube Video and Audio playing and see if that works for you.

    For simple testing rather than using a game template use the "empty" template called "Game."

  • Are you using a bluetooth device for listening? This is currently an issue with the Mac release as well as the app is a bit broken on El Capitan.

  • Thank you for your fast response.

    I've tried just playing some iTunes music and it's not captured. I'm using a headset connected through USB, and as mentioned I can get it to pick up it, just not any system audio.
  • Can you try again without headphones or with 3.5mm headphones?

    I know mine works with my headphones on passive listening until they fix the Bluetooth issue.
  • Brian makes a good suggestion. After removing the headset, use the standard speaker/headphone jack out. Reboot the computer just to be sure after making the change. I've also seen monitoring changes impact capture on some occasions.

  • Sorry for late reply, been away for a few days.

    No, this didn't change anything I'm afraid. Would a solution like WavTap or SoundFlower solve it?

  • Those apps flat out suck. They're outdated and unmaintained.

    At least that's my experience with them these past few weeks. And they crash with LoL running.

    This is just a bug and needs to be fixed.
  • Yeah, I know. It's one of the main reasons I started to look at Gameshow.

    Was thinking I'd try a complete reinstallation (I've tried just deleting the app but same result), but not sure where all the bits and pieces are stored.
  • I just downloaded and tested the beta. ZERO Mac issues were fixed despite what the changelog says. Maybe next beta.

  • Brian A. Calderon if something is listed as fixed in the changelog and you can verify that it is not, you should report it. If something is not in the changelog it may not have been addressed (yet).

  • Daniel Zandian create a New User Admin account. Make sure you have no audio input or output hardware hooked up at all.  Boot into that account. Play a video with audio in Quicktime. Start Gameshow but select the New Document called "Game" (which is basically just the screen grabber). Select the Shot and tell me if you see the video meters moving.

  • I did on the beta post! I think that should be everything on that list over there.

  • Ok, I try this tonight when I get home. I'll also try with the 1.1 beta, if that happens to solve it.

    I'll also give it a try on the Mrs Macbook.

  • Ok, I've solved it. Installing it on my wife's Macbook brought up a prompt about installing the Telestream Audio Driver, a prompt I never got while running on my iMac. It worked directly on the Macbook, and I dug up a Telestream Audio Driver installer from the web, and now it works.

    So, problem solved.

    As for feedback, you should probably improve both the prompt and some detection to make sure it's actually working (in case the prompt isn't showing).

  • Hey Daniel Zandian 

    Good news, a better audio system for Gameshow is in the works. 

    Updates coming soon!

    -Trevor Bryant

  • YAY. Hype.
  • If you have issues with the Audio driver for gameshow, snag siphon sound. Once that is installed under osx create a aggregate audio device in osx, once you do that you can import that in game show.  if you use the control panel for siphon,  you can include and omit different applications or just capture entire system audio.


    Nice thing is the public api is open source cough gameshow cough.

  • Jamie Freeman I was thinking about making the investment since audio is such an issue with Gameshow.

  • I have never had issues with Siphon sound at all with any streaming software, it does fix tons of issues since it is not  cpu dependent as Sound flower.

  • Jamie Freeman how does it compare to using the Telestream Audio Driver they install and use by default?

  • Honestly, it would be like going from sound flower to something that is pretty much hardware based.   I tried the Telestream audio driver did not like it.   I do not use either one anymore as I have a mixer that i run back into the system and capture via XLR- to Thunderbolt.  

  • Jamie Freeman good to know. Are you on El Capitan?

  • Ya I been on El Captain since the developer beta. 

  • Jamie Freeman just making sure—since Gameshow didn't exactly have a smooth transition between Yosemite and El Capitan. =P

  • I stand behind it for mac audio capture, Bar none the best I have ever used.

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