Audio capture not working?


Using Gameshow on OS X 10.11.1.

Capturing video works fine, and getting my Mic input works as well, but I can't get any of the system audio to be captured. I've of course ticked the box capture audio, but alas, all my videos are muted.

Would love some help.


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  • Trevor Bryant 

  • Trevor Bryant It’s been real frustrating trying to get the audio to work on Gameshow. I can only seem to get the mic from my cam to work. When viewing my stream on YouTube I can only here the cams mic. You cannot hear any of the guests on the channel.

    help me with this please. 

    ps. I’ve read the manuals. Not helping.

  • Joseph Greib It may depend on Mac model and macOS. The new Macs with T2 chips are incompatible with the system audio capture driver. On T2 chip Macs if you monitor through a USB device (USB speakers or headphones) it can bypass the T2 chip.

  • CraigS 

  • I’m running windows 10. 

  • Joseph Greib There shouldn't be an issue on Windows 10. Please check your sound card settings and Gameshow Preferences General Audio Interface. Please make sure you're on Gameshow 4.5.1.

  • CraigS what am I looking for in my sound card settings. Also, am I checking Those settings in windows or gameshow? Also, what am I looking for in Gameshow audio preferences?

  • Joseph Greib said:
    Also, am I checking Those settings in windows or gameshow?

     Both. one is the Gameshow Preferences setting I mentioned above. What it says may depend on your system "Primary Sound Driver" for example. Same for your sound driver. The specifics depend on your system and how it's routing the audio. 
    You should be able to play a video in your media player, hear in the computer's built-in speakers, and capture it in GameShow System Audio Capture or Screen Capture with Capture System Sound enabled. 

  • Joseph Greib 
    Playing video on the desktop..
    GameShow set to capture System Audio Capture as System Audio Capture Properties shows on the left.
    See the audio meters showing the audio.
    So it definitely works.

  • CraigS I appreciate your direction. could you possibly Remote access our PC to help us with this or recommend somebody that may be able to. I’m just not computer savvy enough to figure all this out.

  • CraigS or maybe even a phone conference to walk me through? Thanks in advance either way.

  • Joseph Greib said:
    you possibly Remote access our PC

     Gameshow support ended. We do provide remote access support for Wirecast Premium support customers. Perhaps do consider moving to our Wirecast product line. It's using the same audio capture driver as Gameshow.

  • I think we figured it out. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks so much craig.

  • Joseph Greib Good to hear that.

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