I can't stream! I have an upload speed of 10MB/s but wont wokr! Just is green/yellow then red! Its fine if i dont have a game running!!

As you can see it is okay until i run a game however i used to have OBS and would run at 6000kb/s+! Please help as i need this fixed ASAP!

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  • Could be a firewall issue.

    If the stream button drops from green to yellow and red then ultimately off, it means gameshow is generating packets to be streamed, but those packets are not getting to their destination fast enough.

    There are many reasons this can happen, and they are all internet traffic related.

    Could be a firewall, could be QOS rules, could be other devices on your network, could be the ingestion server you selected is saturated, etc.

    Easiest thing to try would be to select a different ingestion server. 

    More info would helpful as well. Does it happen within the same time frame every time, or does it change duration before it occurs again? If it is the same duration before each occurrence, that is a bit more likely to be a program or firewall or QOS rule. If it is random, then it is highly likely an intermittent pathway issue which sometimes is resolved just by selecting a different ingestion server.

  • Bryce Stejskal What info would you like?

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