Dropping frames while ingame- not while alt-tabbed.

Hi and thanks for all help.


Ive sendt a support note through gameshows in-program support, waiting for a ticket-response.

What I can tell you is that I have a high end gaming computer, only downside is my video/Graphics card which is a 1070 AsusGeforce. Still, using Nvidiasync as a outputsource.


My download and upload speed is at a steady 50/50 Mbs, tested multiple times using different serverhosts and programs. Fibercable, so its steady as a rock.


Im getting loads of dropped frames from Gameshow while Im streaming from IN-GAME. Twitch-stream is laggy, but my game and preview is not. 

When I tab out though, my in-game framerates drop from 100fps (was 144, forced Down to 100) to 30fps (As its forced max background fps for the game at 30fps), and my stream is Perfect. No frames dropped, no lag, nothing. Currently running the game in windowed fullscreen.


Whats the solution? Tried lowering in-game settings, forcing FPS Down in game, adjusting the resolution of the stream from 1080p60 Down to 540p30, still lag while im in game but not when alt-tabbed. Currently I can stream pretty flawless at 1080p60 while watching a youtube Movie or GoT on my comp, and ppl can see me afk in Dalaran. Once I tab back in the stream starts dropping frames like crazy. 


The total system CPU usage never seems to pass 40-50%.


Twitch-dashboard says a steady 6000 kb/s, and Connection is excellent WHILE TABBED OUT. 


If you need more info please ask, and Ill do my best to provide it.

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  • ID like to inform you that it has been fixed! My game-DVR settings in Windows was set to record automatically in the background, which choked my cpu and gpu.


    Now my stream runs smooth on the highest qualities! Have to fix the sound tho...

  • I am having the same issue... Was it just your game DVR?
    I don't have such a good PC but still... I'm having the exact same problem...

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