Dropped frames 4.2 beta

I've used the 4.2 beta a few times now. It seems to fix the x.264 dropping stream (yay!) But now I'm getting massive amounts of dropped frames. Dropping a few hundred at a time. In a 30 minute pubg game I'll drop close to 8000 frames!


Used OBS as a test last night with the same settings, only dropped 12 in 2 hours

I know there's only a few people with the 4.2 so I'm not looking for any support, but does anyone else with 4.2 have this issue?

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  • Just got the 4.2 and could only do a quick test so far (Escape form tarkov). Had 22 dropped in about 30 mins and that was due to alt-tabbing out of the game. So far 4.2 seems good to me. Also fixed the issues with unresponsibility and messed up text (barely readable) for me. Will test some more later today

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  • Ok did some testing with pubg and had about 1800 dropped in 30 mins. Not sure if it is related to the fact that i am gaming on a 144hz g-sync monitor. But xsplit behaves the same. OBS is the only way for me to go with g-sync dual 144hz monitor setup on win 10. Zero drops in any game. 

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