Using an HDPVR

I have a hauppauge HDPVR2, but can't get it to work with Gameshow. When I go to add a capture device it shows up, but when I add it, it doesn't register. I've used the PVR a lot before in OBS so I know it's not a problem with the card.
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  • Hey Trent C 

    When you say that it doesn't register, what do you mean? When you are able to pull it in as a source, what do you see happen within Gameshow? 

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  • Hey Trent C ,

    I just got word from our team and unfortunately this device is not supported with Gameshow. What version of OBS are you using, studio or classic?


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  • Trevor Bryant When I go to add the device the layer title says [no media]. I use my PVR on OBS Studio, it doesn't work on classic. Is there any plan on adding support in the future? I understand if there isn't, the HDPVR2 is and older capture card.

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  • I hope there is a fix for this.

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  • Trevor Bryant how is it that obs (the most basic of basic) streamer can use this equipment but a company that makes a far superior product can't build a driver to use a super common pvr? 


    This is like having a Lamborghini with a go kart motor. Fix this asap

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  • Jeremy Stednitz

    That is not how drivers work...

    The manufacturer of the device writes the driver, not us.

    If they wrote their driver in a poor manor that prevents a graph from being generated properly, then the issue is with them. 

    I would also like to note, that they have chosen to ignore any and all correspondance. I have reached out to them on multiple occasions. Roxio has done the same. Both companies thus far have chosen to not offer any support, or answer our questions.

    In fact, a member of our forum had created an open source macOS driver for the HDPVR. Hauppage then issued him a cease and desist.


    That being said, it does ultimately effect our product. To date, 6 people have reported or requested support with us around the HDPVR.

    Given that so few users are asking for us to reverse engineer a method for interacting with this older card that has a non-standard directshow implementation, it has not made sense for us to spend time on that. It doesn't justify the purchase of a card, let alone the engineering time, or qa time it would take to get it working. If we had 20-30+ people asking for it, that would likely change.

    Every other company has worked closely with us to ensure their devices provide for a quality user experience. 

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  • I need this to happen! Hdpvr support asap!!

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  • As the person that actually wrote the open source driver for it ... Was not hard to get a piped driver to output to gameshow very well ...  Problem being is They promptly sent me a CND because they do not want anyone reverse engineering there shit.   The reason for that was for me to write a driver that would work for gameshow without issue I would have to license there SDK which they would not license to me do to not being a major cooperation .   If you want HDPVR support you would need to  reach out to them... They do sell a mac driver that you could pipe to a VLC RTMP local video feed but that is like 50 bucks... 

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