Gameshow 2.1 Beta – Mix Minus & Audio Tab!

The Gameshow 2.1 Beta includes a new feature we think many will enjoy, Mix Minus! Now, turn off specific sources in your audio monitor! (Hint: Turning off monitor for a Screen Capture or System Audio Capture will keep it from feedback-ing!) This will certainly make life easier for those users with complicated audio setups!

With that said, we also added a few more things:

  • System Audio Capture – New entry in the “Add Sources” context menu. Allows you to add an audio only capture in a bit more intuitive manor. Before you would have to add a screen capture, and uncheck video.
  • Audio Tab – We have added another tab in the preview edit panel, and moved the Audio controls such as volume, mute and channel selection from the second tab, over to this new tab. This tab only contains shot specific controls. Settings that affect it across all shots(mix minus) is still in the last (…) tab.

~Windows Users!~ We did also make a fairly big change in regards to stream framerates and game capture. Previously, in certain situations where GPU usage was over 90%, your stream frame rate could suffer, as priority was given to the Game FPS. We improved this, and now your stream frame rate should stay solid at your chosen encoding settings, even in these conditions. If you have adverse effects with this change, you can revert back to the previous method by going to the “Advanced” tab of preferences, and checking the box that says “Use Legacy D3D9 readback”.

In addition to the above changes, we did fix a number of bugs as well, please check the release notes for details!

As always, our engineers are hard at work, and we hope you are enjoying these quick releases!



Windows –

Mac OS X

Release Notes

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  • Brian A. Calderon ,

    Your sample rate issue still is not fixed unfortunately. But we did have the time to figure out exactly what the issue is. We are working on it!


    Update! It will be checked in and fixed for the 2.1 public release, just not in the Beta!

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  • Installing this the SECOND I get home! :D

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  • Got it, I still think the whole "audio" capturing needs a bit of tidying up, but I can't wait for the audio pitch fix. =]

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  • When is elgato support coming for Mac users?!

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  • Jeremy Pillai 

    Only Elgato can answer that unfortunately. They haven't released a driver that allows other software to see it. So currently, the only software that can see it is their own. 

    Something is in the works that may possibly alleviate this issue for Mac Elgato users and Gameshow. No promises though.

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