List of Compatible Devices (Please Include OS and Platform)

So this is just a request for a list of every compatible capture device that works with Gameshow. If it's not on the list, and you know it works, feel free to post it here.

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  • Avermedia Live Gamer HD (C985) - win10/64

    works very good no probs sice 1.4

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  • These are some cards I have PERSONALLY used and had good luck with:

    • Magewell x100 USB3 HDMI
    • Magewell Pro Capture Quad SDI
    • Magewell Pro Capture Quad HDMI
    • Black Magic Intensity Pro
    • Black Magic Intensity Pro 4K
    • Black Magic 4K Extreme 12G
    • Black Magic Decklink Studio
    • Black Magic Decklink Mini Recorder (PCIe)
    • Black Magic Ultra Studio Mini Recorder (Thunderbolt)
    • Black Magic Ultra Studio Express (Thunderbolt)
    • Avermedia Live Gamer HD (Mentioned by TMPcosmo above)
    • Epiphan AV.IO DVI (With HDMI Adapter)


    These are cards I have found to be finicky in general. Sometimes they work sometimes you have to fiddle with them, occasional sync issues, and whatnot.

    • Avermedia LGX (Inconsistent delay, audio weirdness)
    • Razer Ripsaw (Inconsistent delay, audio weirdness)
    • Black Magic Intensity Shuttle (Audio issues)
    • Elgato Anything


    Also keep in mind this list is tailored towards Windows. If you are on a Mac, you can pretty much forget all the gamer oriented cards from Avermedia, Elgato, or the Razer. 


    I have yet to use a Micomsoft card, but I do have something in the mail from the OEM of Micomsoft to test. If it works as good as I expect it to then it will be my favorite card!

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  • Black Magic Intensity Extreme works. Although to my knowledge, those have been discontinued.

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  • Keep 'em coming guys. People can know now.

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  • Is Roxio HD Pro Capture device compatibile with Gameshow?

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  • If it is, put it on the list. Devs, please sticky this so newcomers know what's up.

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  • Any more compatible capture cards?

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  • Any new Mac cards? I see the Intensity Shuttle was finicky so was that USB3 or Thunderbolt (would/does that matter)?

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  • Dan Lathum   USB3 Cards from Magewell work well.

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  • Okay. Im new at streaming and haven't really figured it out but game show seems to be the best one stop shop option starting out. I currently have a PS4 and a Mac with all the bells and whistles. I understand that I need a capture card to run my ps4 through one and another cable out the other side but thats where I get lost. Could someone recommend an affordable capture card and give me a quick run down on the procedure?

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  • Get a Blackmagic device. That's the best I can recommend. Intensity Shuttle USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt connection version, either one is fine (USB 3.0 connectivity on your Mac is required- that, and it has to be fairly strong). You also have to download the latest update for the device from the product website.


    At first, nothing will show up on your TV screen because the device is not being used. But once it's being used by software that can detect it as a source, the TV will no longer be blank. Make sure your PS4 settings are setup accordingly.

    Mod Edit - Do not by the intensity shuttle USB. It has known audio issues across many programs. Any other black magic device that meets your capture reqs should be perfect.

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  • Donovan Lewis MOD Edit - Does this mean the Shuttle Thunderbolt should work? I was going to order until seeing this post, makes me a little uneasy about doing so.

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  • Mark Stewart It should, but check the specs of your computer a bit more.

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  • The thunderbolt one is ok. It is just the usb shuttle that has audio issues on some machines.

    BTW - I was the one that edited his post Mark Stewart .

    I do not think that device captures 1080p60 though. I believe it goes up 1080i59.94. That may or not be important to you. 

    But if you are on Windows I go with something different for sure. If you have the extra cash, there are much better macOS cards available.


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  • Bryce Stejskal Thank you for the reply. I decided to go with the Magewell HDMI based on your initial suggestions and other opinions out there. Glad I did! My only issue is the Codecs now, Apple H.264 seems to work great, not so much for the x264. It would be nice to see all the options, either way I've hijacked this thread enough! I'll start another thread if it really bugs me. Below is my first night of recording via the Magewell and default Apple H.264 6000 Kbps option.

    BTW I have a MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014) 2.6 i5 8GB Donovan Lewis

    Thanks for the help and recommendations guys.

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  • I replied to your other post about the x264 stuff. Glad you are enjoying the magewell!

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  •  Bryce Stejskal You can add Magewell USB Capture HDMI Plus to your list

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  • Elgato Cam Link - macOS El Capitan with Macbook Pro 2012 (15 inch non-retina)

    Unlike the other Elgato capture cards, the Cam Link works without any drivers since it's a UVC capture card and it can capture uncompressed video with ultra-low latency. I have tested it with registered copy of Gameshow 3.9 and it works flawlessly. While Elgato intend this product for use with Cameras, it will work with video game consoles. Unlike the HD60S, there is no support for interlaced resolutions like 1080i, HDMI output and audio input. It will work for 480p,  720p and 1080p and have the same system requirements as the HD60S. For dual core Macs and laptops, the setting needs to be 720p to have the best performance as 1080p is too choppy.

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  • James NICE.

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  • Currently using gameshow with avermedia Live gamer portable 2.

    Working on osX and windows 10,but stream quality is really better on windows due to the  product  stream engine availability on windows.Only Mjpeg available on osX.

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  • @Bryce Stejskal  the Connoisseur of all things capture cards :)

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  • yes you are right i have a device which is totally compatible with Gameshow 

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  • Magewell Pro Capture Dual HDMI 11080

    Windows 10 Pro, 1809, 17758.1

    Works beautifully with the full driver exceptions noted in the below thread.


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