Stream Dies after a few minutes.

Case #00519068

Hello all,
Ever since I downloaded patch 4.1, I haven't been able to upload/stream to Twitch. It will act like it will stream for about a minute then completely drop. I also rolled back to 3.9 and still ran into the same issue. Everything is now up-to-date. (Windows updates, cpu/gpu drivers, Gameshow, ect)

There is no capture card in my current configuration.

When I start :

20 seconds later :

Minutes later:

Above happens in all games tested. PUBG, Wow, SouthPark (both games), and Cuphead.

System specs:

Speed test: results:

I have also tried restarting my router/modem just because just to see what happened and there was no change in my issue when doing that as well. I wouldn't believe that it is a ISP issue considering the tests above (linked) and I have tested uploading a large mp4 file to google drive and dropbox with no issues. 

Ingest servers: I have tried all of the US East hosts as i do live in the east side of the country.

On youtube, it will be steady, but then drop to almost nothing but it will still keep streaming at 500kb (un-stream-able) at roughly the same 1 minute mark.

Sadly, I am insure what I can do next.

Thanks in advance

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  • Which encoder are you using?

  • Amador Custer I am using encoder x264

  • Same problem - since i have updated to 4.1

    (2 problems occured with 4.1 - the unreadable text and crashing stream)

  • No emails from the tech as of yet...
    Its been 8 days since Amador Custer 's question...

    This is pretty ridiculous

  • It seems that we are a bunch having this 0KBPS issue .I created a support ticket a few days ago.I hope at least they will fix this soon.

  • Please let me know if you get any answers - having the same issues too!

  • Bryce Stejskal

    Hi Bryce,

    is there a possibility to have an update on this?(existing solution,fix planning?)we are several people having this issue with windows version of gameshow 4.1

    My case number is #00523741 ,poster case #00519068 .

    Thanks a lot.

  • Michael Alexander Neumann 

    I've seen in a reply on aother post with similar issue that the devs are currently looking in this issue.

  • Exactly my problem

  • Steve Bette another post? Mind linking it in this thread?

  • Alexander Frank  Ok I just tested the Nividia encoder with the newest driver that was released today. Here are two example videos of the 72060 fps one being 3500 bitrate and the other being 5000 bitrate. The new driver fixed the nvidia encoder. Although I was struggling to get a smooth experience it still worked, I will test it on other games to check stream quality. **BUT*** the cpu encoder still has the problem of streaming a black screen as well as streaming 0kbps resulting in the stream to end.

    720p60 3500 nvidia enc:

    720p60 3500 x264 (cpu enc):

    720p60 5000 nvidia enc:

  • Steve Bette Thanks for keeping me informed!

  • Also having the same issue, posted in the other thread. Gameshow sent me the next beta version 4.2 to try out. I'll keep everyone posted if the x.264 encoder stops dropping steam

  • Tried out version 4.2, all seems to be working fine. X.264 encoder doesnt drop stream.

  • Vodka Kickstarts That's exciting! I can't wait to get back to using Gameshow :)

  • Michael Alexander Neumann Hopefully I'll hear back from tech support Monday and I can keep everyone updated on when 4.2 will be released. Maybe I can get permission from GameShow to release 4.2 to the people having issues 

  • Vodka Kickstarts That would be amazing! I hope/plan to go full throttle with Gameshow! It looks like the perfect answer to my streams :D


    Unfortunately I can only use x.264 at this time

  • I also had the 4.2 beta to test if it solves the issue.It seems to.

    The best way to get support is to use the support tool within gameshow and create a ticket.So you'll get direct follow-up with the support team.


  • "Thank you for wanting to help out the community, but we will be releasing the 4.2 update very soon." -The reply I received about releasing 4.2

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