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Hello, brand new to Gameshow.  I'm looking to capture the desktop for video tutorials of software.  I believe I have Gameshow configured correctly, but the output is not very good quality; it looks as if the desktop/monitor capture is being scaled up just slightly, so it gets a blur/color distortion on small details.  

Here's a screenshot from Gameshow's output:

And the same one from OBS with similar settings:

Notice the OBS output is much sharper.

The "Canvas Size" is set to standard 1080p, the monitor capture is set to all defaults, so there's no artificial scaling by me.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  • The easiest way to tell the difference between the screenshots is to open each one in a browser tab, then flip between the tabs.  It's very noticeably blurry while playing the video.

  • More important here are the encoding settings you are using.

    Please detail the settings you used in OBS, screenshots are helpful.

    Please specify which preset you used, or if you created your own preset, the specific settings. Screenshots are helpful here too.


    TL;DR: The resolution is only one piece of the puzzle. Need to know your encoding settings.

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