Help with ps4 next capture card!

Hi Guys, I know there are millions of these questions daily just wanted to confirm from my side as I have wasted money on an elgato and want to make sure my next purchase it 100% correct. So twitch stream currently through my elgato on a iMac Pro, using legato game capture, everything is fine but I want to take things to the next level with overlays etc with gameshow having some great stuff. I purchased gameshow not knowing elgato will not work. 

So I'm looking at purchasing

So I just want to make sure everything will run smooth if I purchase this capture device. So it will connect to my ps4 and to my iMac Pro as its HDMI I'm assuming both game video and game audio will be picked up, but I'm curious as to will game party chat be picked up? my friends speaking and I have a blue yeti so I know that will work, just worried about if party chat will be picked up. 


Also does this device come with the required cables, its ps4 HDMI into the device and then how does the device come with the cable needed to connect to my iMac Pro. 

I hope I have been as clear as possible sorry if I haven't, I hope you guys can help, thank you very much!

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