Twitch API change requires update

Yesterday, we believe twitch pushed a change requiring an extra ID to be sent along with all API requests.

The initial ping we were sending did not include this ID, so users setting up a new document to twitch would receive an error stating "Streaming Service Unavailable".

We have patched 3.0 to fix this issue, however users that are facing this error will not get update notifications unless they create a new document to Youtube or Hitbox, or open an existing document that is already authenticated with Twitch.

The easiest way to get the patched version if you are experiencing this issue is to visit, press the download button, and install the updated version.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.



Bryce Stejskal


P.S. - One temporary consequence of this is that you will continually get update notifications until we release 3.1, even though there is not a newer version. The tentative release date for 3.1 is next week.


If you are not getting the error, you currently are on the latest version, and should ignore the update notification until the end of next week.

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  • I am still getting this error on a copy of 3.4 that I just purchased on a new computer. Please help. Thanks!

  • Hey Darrin ,

    Would you please create a new post under the troubleshooting category here on the forum?

    Before you do so, please see the post below.


  • Hello. I need help. I get download gs 3.8v. Twitch widget not working. 

    Streamlabs page indicates whether the add-on is successful, but still not in the program.

  • How can we edit the stream key? I reset it on twitch (for other reasons) and now I need to put the new key into gameshow. Halp?

  • Trevor Bryant I just bought the program and i'm having this issue a YEAR after this post, what do I do?

  • Also receiving after i just purchased, i installed v4.2 and then removed and tried to gameshow.exe download from front page with same issue.

    What the actual f.

  • Gameshow 4.5 released with lots of fixes. Give it a try.

  • CraigS I have 4.5 and am still getting this twitch "Streaming Service unreachable" error. I tried to get 4.5.1 but how do I know if it actually installed?

  • Cruz Gallegos - Martinez 
    To check for 4.5.1

  • Cruz Gallegos - Martinez 
    If it still happens in 4.5.1 select Help > Send Support Information and fill out the form and Create a Ticket

  • Cruz Gallegos - Martinez If you're still having a problem please see forum private message.

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