Gameshow 2.5 - Massively Reduced CPU Usage!

Gameshow 2.5 has been released! This one has HUGE performance improvements.

Also, there is an additional mode to our CPU reporting that is now set to default. It is able to be toggled the same way as our dropped frame/fps counter. The CPU reporting has been changed to the same way OBS reports CPU, so a more direct comparison can be made by users. Previously, we had shown CPU usage of the whole system. Now, by default, we only show what Gameshow is using of the CPU.

There are also a few usability improvements you can see below in the change log, as well as various other fixes!

!!! NOTE: ONE of the things we did to drastically improve CPU usage, is reduce the frame rate of the Preview Canvas when Gameshow is in the background.

The Live Canvas will remain at full frame rate at all times. The reasoning behind this is, that if Gameshow is not in the foreground, you are unable to edit the preview anyways, so it does not need to be using so much CPU. This will not effect your stream or recordings in any negative way. !!!

  • Huge CPU usage improvements accross the board
  • Additional performance enhancements to Game Capture to fix dropped frame issues
  • Added a toggle between system-wide CPU usage display and Gameshow-only CPU usage display
  • Added a zero detent to the shot layer property sliders
  • Fixed – Initiallizing Media Systems Hang on some systems
  • Fixed – 3rd Party DLL files hooking Gameshow causing crash at launch.
  • Fixed – Twitter search with hashtags failing periodically
  • Fixed – Solid color sources not displaying thumbnails properly
  • Fixed – Black text in FPS indicator when stream/recording is started
  • Fixed – Elevated CPU usage from Solid Color sources
  • Fixed – DirectShow audio popping while source is in Preview and Live at the same time
  • Fixed – Dropping a lot of frames when Gameshow is not the main application in focus
  • Fixed – Slow updates to the Audio Mixer UI
  • Fixed - Color controls not working properly if a layer matte is applied
  • Fixed - Source shifting position when double-clicking on it
  • Fixed – Twitter widget not displaying wide character sets correctly
  • Fixed – YouTube event selection not retained when Output Settings opened
  • Fixed – Auto-Live causing hot-keys not to function.

As always, let us know what you think! We hope this improves the performance for everyone!

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