Alpha Release. Osx open sourced piped Driver.

So because I talked to the game show people and they said it was ok to release here, the game show piped driver for HD HD 60 and Pro lines, this is a alpha driver, it may work on your system it may not.


Things to note, you will have to adjust video audio latency,  650 -1500 respectively. 


From your source, run ./elgato-hd -r <resolution>, whereas <resolution> can be 1080p or 720p for a HDMI source, c1080p, c1080i, c720p or c576p for a component source or 576i for a composite PAL source. Hd 60 and HD 60 PRO wont be able to use C sources as they do not offer Component connections.


Any questions feel free to ask. Download Attached.

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  • Jamie Freeman You know...I never did get this invite. Holiday weekend great time for me to kick this around...

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  • I sent everything to every email you gave me I dono...   I just gave up trying to reach out... :(  I guess I could just release the source here and you can do whatever you  want with it.. TBH I kinda gave up on the Elgato as there is better cards tha work across mac and linux without having to deal with there bs firmware or its just easier to do some soldering to the elgato card and make it a reference board and use yukn drivers.  (yes Bryce I know i screwd up the name!)

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  • Jamie Freeman It's cool, bruh.

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  • I mean yeah, it's fine. Most people have moved on to direct capture devices like the Magewell or its clones like the iMillet anyway... :)

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