Alpha Release. Osx open sourced piped Driver.

So because I talked to the game show people and they said it was ok to release here, the game show piped driver for HD HD 60 and Pro lines, this is a alpha driver, it may work on your system it may not.


Things to note, you will have to adjust video audio latency,  650 -1500 respectively. 


From your source, run ./elgato-hd -r <resolution>, whereas <resolution> can be 1080p or 720p for a HDMI source, c1080p, c1080i, c720p or c576p for a component source or 576i for a composite PAL source. Hd 60 and HD 60 PRO wont be able to use C sources as they do not offer Component connections.


Any questions feel free to ask. Download Attached.

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  • I see the tmp folder, but there's nothing for Gameshow to open.

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  • It says "

    Referenced from: /Users/insertownernamehere/Desktop/Elgato-Hd60/./elgato-hd60

      Reason: image not found

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  • Working on a few fixes to make this work a little better, including a popup to just paste the link into game-show to make it easier.   Sorry for all the issues people are having, since this is all reverse engineered it worked for me and it worked for game show devs I did not think people would have this many issues with it. 

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  • No apologies needed, thanks a lot for your hard work, its already very nice that it is working for a few people. Elgato on reddit has promised many new things for mac users but nothing is coming :(

    I seriously think about buying a Black magic. The little one is not that expensive and connects through thunderbolt instead of USB. That would allow me to finally be able to use the gameshow software. My trial has expired and i could not use it once because of that stupid Elgato :'(

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  • Rodolphe Nenert 

    Magewell might be a better choice (as expensive as it is). I'm thinking about getting that instead as getting a seperate Thunderbolt cable means extra money AND it doesn't do 60fps according to the Gameshow staff.

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  • Donovan Lewis 

    Well I bought, a Blackmagic mini recorder with a HDMI splitter in order to record my PS4.

    Its working perfectly with Gameshow. 

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  • Blackmagic Minirecorder is nice. Doesn't do 1080p60, but will do 720p60.

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  • But you still need to buy a Thunderbolt cable seperately............

    I heard the Intensity was super hardware specific. But I'm still thinking about it.

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  • well a small thunderbolt cable is just a few bucks. So far so good with my Blackmagic Minirecorder, no latency between my ps4 and my computer, and 720p60 is more than enough for me.

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  • Stay away from the Intensity Shuttle. Audio issues.

    Intensity pro is a great card though. Mac users would need a PCIe to thunderbolt chassis though to use PCIe cards.

    I keep hoping Black Magic will update the intensity pro to capture 240p analog sources, and update the thunderbolt mini recorder to have pass through and 1440p60.

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  • They wont as they feel there is no need for it, actually it can capture 240p but it cant display it on screen because the scalier does not recognize it.  But it will still output to gameshow 240p items you would just need to split the signal. 

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  • I had not, thanks for that LtRoyalShrimp !

    Seems more complicated to use than Jamie Freeman 's solution, but if it works for everyone, then that's awesome!

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  • I'll stick with Jamie Freeman's version. That looks complicated.

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  • Hey I am not knocking it, I do not have a working Elgato at the moment so if that works for everyone then great!   I am blind making improvements on the driver in my spare time.   Just got back from vacation and I should have some free time to work on it. 

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  • Good to hear.

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  • Have a new driver coming out, the new driver once dropped wont have you put commands into terminal, it will be installed into the gameshow driver folder for devices and should show up as a capture card. I am working out some Ktext and a few other issues.  Like I said I am doing this without a working device at the moment so. 

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  • Estimated release date?

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  • When it is ready, I actually have a friend that has the elgato cards but does not have a mac so we are going to try a VM osx install and see if it works before releasing it :).

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  • Got it.

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  • Ok I need one of you guys that has a HD then one that has a HD 60 and one person that has a HD 60 pro for some testing.  Please let me know so I can get you 3 the driver I did I need specific testing. 

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  • Jamie Freeman GImme Gimme Gimme Gimme Gimme!!!!!!!

    I got the HD60 right here!

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  • If no one pipes up for the HD60pro since it requires a thunderbolt chassis, I might be able to set Lucas too it.

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  • Ok, I will get copies out to you Tuesday do to it being the holiday and such, it will work after install like any driver on the system , the reason why I asked for specific  cards is once it is active it will open a terminal and log the output you can copy paste or just have it log to file, I need those if anything goes wrong, I built in its own debug logout since I can't be at everyone's pc. 

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  • I only have 4 days left on game show , I will just renew my copy for testing if something is borked it's good software. :)  Ps Bryce let him play Magic .


    Ps guys sorry this is taking so long , I am doing this in my spare time ( the little I have.) between this and live streaming.  


    PPS Bryce the other evil programs are now blacklisted in this driver.  You know what I mean. 

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