Output blinks every 5-15 seconds

It's a super fast blink, but I can see it on the live window, but not the preview window.  It's more annoying than anything, but annoying will cause viewers to leave. :(  One thing noteworthy is I am on a 5 minute delay - the one thing I am doing different from normal:

  • Operating system - Win10
  • Basic system specs - 4790k i7, 16gb ram, nvidia770
  • Type of capture cards if relevant - not relevnt to this, but I do have an Elgato Game Capture Pro hooked up
  • Upload speed - Running around 4.3, uploading at 1800kbps
  • Links to VODs or screen caps of the problem you are seeing
  • What method you are bringing your game in - screen capture
  • Games you are seeing the problem with - Magic Online
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  • CraigS We did this last week...they never got back to me.

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  • CraigS Are they closed today?  For the third time in 2 weeks I sent support info/create ticket.  Inbox has ZERO reply - also checked spam/trash, nothing.

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  • Pauperganda you didn't get a ticket back today? Can you send me a forum private message with your email address?

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  • Pauperganda We're not getting an email from you. We tested the license we have for you and it works on our end. Given the problem you have updating might your computer have issue sending?

    Can you connect to the internet hard wired to your broadband modem? Don't use wifi, router, hotspot.

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  • CraigS I just sent you my private email that is on file with GS.  My connection is fine, I'm always hardlined in.  Whenever I send it, it says "Sending" and floats there till I press OK - then it goes away.  I was suspicious of this, probably yet another bug... - can you just send me it and we can be through with this?

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  • CraigS I usually press "OK" and it says "message was sent" - but I'm just letting it sit here for minutes this time...this green bar just keeps going as if it's uploading gigs of info lol...

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  • Pauperganda Can you create a New User Admin account on your computer. Try activating there. The license we have for you is good. Works for us when we test. Also temporarily take down any firewall you may have. Given that we're not getting your reports and your activation issues it seems something is blocking.

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  • CraigS Nothing changed.  Exact same sequence of errors/"OH NO" Screen, then watermarked version etc..,  Can you guys just send me a brand new code? 

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  • CraigS When I went to 'send error/feedback" this time I chose the "Reset" options....it then said GS needs to be closed, so I closed it....and that seemed to wake up something.  Now it looks like the old version but say's it's 4.5.  The watermark is gigantic and still very present...please advise...

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  • Pauperganda Your serial number works for us in GameShow 4.5. So there's some odd issue on your end.

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  • Pauperganda Try a thorough uninstall and reinstall of GameShow. Delete GameShow using Windows Control Panels App Uninstall. 

    Then search the system for all things GameShow, Telestream and even Wirecast and delete them all. Check for hidden files. Then Reboot the computer. Reinstall GameShow 4.5. Then start GameShow 4.5 and Activate.

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  • CraigS It still wants me to choose one of these three, so which do you want me to choose?

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  • CraigS - Read below - did all your steps.  Initial launch screen still looks like the above.  I launched the support ass and GS crashes in bkg.  Still says 'sending...' like previous...  CAN I PLEASE JUST GET  A NEW CODE/RESET?!?!?!

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  • Pauperganda Perhaps your 3.9 license is not working in 4.5 (now at 4.5.1). The support form should now (4.5.1) be working though so do please use Support Assistant.

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