Output blinks every 5-15 seconds

It's a super fast blink, but I can see it on the live window, but not the preview window.  It's more annoying than anything, but annoying will cause viewers to leave. :(  One thing noteworthy is I am on a 5 minute delay - the one thing I am doing different from normal:

  • Operating system - Win10
  • Basic system specs - 4790k i7, 16gb ram, nvidia770
  • Type of capture cards if relevant - not relevnt to this, but I do have an Elgato Game Capture Pro hooked up
  • Upload speed - Running around 4.3, uploading at 1800kbps
  • Links to VODs or screen caps of the problem you are seeing
  • What method you are bringing your game in - screen capture
  • Games you are seeing the problem with - Magic Online
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  • CraigS Haven't heard a peep in days.  Really disappointed in the customer service.  I've tried it all (as you know from the lengthy steps above)  Went back to crappy blink version for todays show - and BOOM...a TON of new problems.  I rebooted, redesigned, rebooted again, now the videos just play in the background with the wrong images showing etc.., I can't do my show this way and now need to cancel it.  Why is this so hard to just send me a new update code and avoid all this bad pr?  I'm going to make a video showing how impossible it is to broadcast with version 3.9...

  • Pauperganda Please use 4.5. We know 3.9 is broken. If you filled out form properly and included email and selected create support ticked you would be sent that minutes after filling out the form.

  • CraigS I did all those steps literally seconds after you suggested it.  Haven't heard a thing...

  • CraigS which was about 3 days ago (didn't mean right now)

  • CraigS Also - the blink was the initial bug, but after going through all those updates/reversals etc.., it's worse than ever - never saw those bugs prior...only the blink.  It is simply unusable atm...I checked my spam folder and everything else, haven't heard word one from anyone but you - thank you btw!

  • Pauperganda Trying to find you why you weren't sent a case number to assist in getting Gameshow 4.5.

  • Pauperganda can you provide me with the last 4 of your serial number, so I can locate your case and account?

  • Masen PFVQ

  • Pauperganda Have you been able to install and activate Gameshow 4.5? Have you downloaded and installed a clean copy of that version?

  • Masen I have no access to a clean copy - but I did download a watermarked version and it was fine.

  • Pauperganda That is what I was referring to. If you apply you serial number to that installation (File > Preferences > Licenses) it should activate the full version.

  • Masen I tried that just two days ago & AGAIN it and said the latest version I was qualified for was 3.9...This is getting silly circular guys...just scroll up.  I've been over this a ton.

  • Masen Just reinstalled, tried all it again...updated to latest, once this happens I get an "OH NO!" Screen with a unhappy face...(see attached shot) I have 3 options from there:  Purchase a new update, Reinstall the latest (which is the buggy-as-hell-3.9/8) or test out a watermarked version. 

    I'm going to scream if I have to go through these steps again...so PLEASE don't bring in another person who's going to ask me all the above again.  CraigS knows all about it previously...

  • Masen SO - when I choose the second option (reinstall the latest) it's vers 3.9 (see attached web info in pic)

  • CraigS Conversed with Masen - went over all the same notes/steps.  Nothing new.  Can I please get this resolved today?  I have a show to do and fear Monday will come/go and I'll be being asked to do the same steps then by someone new...  Not sure why the last avail update is so buggy - Gameshow should just make a solid version the default to avoid all this mess...  Thanks again for your persistence and help!

  • Masen CraigS ....anything updated?

  • Pauperganda Try using our license reset tool and see if you can then enter the license in 4.5.

  • CraigS I did it - still have watermark/no option to use my code without watermark.  Did exactly the same thing as the deactivation from app did prior.  C"MON....can I get this fixed today?

  • CraigS feels like (I know it's not btw) you guys are laughing at me...asking me to jump through hoop#356345.345c and giggling when I write back...I need a fix.  I think I've been pushed beyond patience at this point.

  • CraigS Masen  - another day gone by....can I get an email for the owner or something?  This is beyond lame.

  • Pauperganda Do you actually see watermark. There's a bug in 4.5 that warns of a watermark even though it's license. You should be able to enter your license in Gameshow Preferences License. If it's licensed the button will say deactivate.

  • CraigS Yes I see a watermark on anything higher than 720.  I enter code - same thing as the 800 other screen grabs above.

  • CraigS HAHA>..new bug - now it says my licence has expired.  Such a wonderful program.

  • Pauperganda Perhaps you have an old serial number and that's part of the problem.

    Go to GameShow > Help > Send Support Information and enable Create a Ticket and explain that your serial number shows expired and you can't activate GamesShow 4.5. They should send you a case number and then get right back to you to work on the serial number issue.

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