Submitted a support ticket but was ignored


I submitted a ticket for the license not being recognized and my game not showing up. I submitted my DxDiag and my msinfo as requested. I laid out my issue as follows,

"Hello, I have two issues with gameshow on my computer. Firstly, I have to continuously enter my license key (which I had to buy again) every time I log in. Secondly, and more importantly, my client will not pick up the game I am playing. I will detail my steps as follows as maybe there is an issue there.
1. Open game and make sure it is running
2. Open Gameshow
3. Set up the shot to capture the game (in this case it was CivilizationVI.exe)
4. Set up the proper audio captures
5. Set the shot to the live portion of the preview
6. Record/Stream the game
I then troubleshot for a bit by changing the screen capture to window and monitor but nothing would appear. I then reset gameshow and ran it as admin to no avail. Something that used to happen was telehook would appear and ask for admin rights as I began streaming the game. This did not happen at any point."

My request, #2336791, was closed without even a single helpful comment or even a hello. I would like my issue resolved please as the, "fix" for the license not being recognized doesn't work and my games still won't stream. I may ask for a refund anyway since I had to buy another license to fix the fact that my downloads, "ran out," which is disgraceful.

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  • Gameshow has an issue where it asks for the license even though it's already activated. You can ignore the popup screen. Test to see if you can stream or record at 1080. If so, you're activated. We're working on the unnecessary license request feature. You never need to buy another license.

    You should be on GameShow 4.5.1 which fixed several issue but we're still working on the license request issue. 

    GameShow is dependent on how the game, the GPU, the OS interact. Sometimes change the capture mode from Game to Monitor may help.

    If you activate too many times you may run out of activations. You can reset that here.

    When you can a support case number you can always email support with the case number to ask questions about your issue including status updates.

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