Macbook Pro Game Capture not working

Hi, I came across GameShow after trying to find a viable alternative for OBS. I've been tinkering around with the settings and trying to stream before going ahead and purchasing the full product. I am running macOS Mojave version 10.14.1 and when I try to screen capture > game, it lets me pick my game but does not show the game in the preview window. Instead, it shows my desktop. I tried screen capture > window and it worked but it is kind of laggy and I'd rather not do that. (I have attached screen shots to better illustrate this). I was wondering what I could do to get this to work. Thanks!

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  • Can you include the full specs of your Mac?
    Try updating to GameShow Beta 4.5.1 and see if that helps.

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  • Hi yes, these are the specs for my mac, I will try and update right now and see if that helps, and give a status update.

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  • After updating to the beta, I am having the exact same problem - I am able to pick my game in the configure menu but it just shows my current desktop whereas window is showing my game. 

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  • Kishan Patel Seems we have another potential Mojave issue given Game isn't working and Window is laggy. 

    Go to GameShow > Help > Send Support Information and select Create Support Ticket and describe as you did in your first post. Note that you tested the Beta 4.5.1 as well.

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  • Alright sir, thank you so much, hopefully this issue gets resolved quickly and I am able to get back to streaming regularly again. 

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  • My experience is it shows your desktop but once you switch to the game once it also shows up on Gameshow. But the laggyness sadly continues. 

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  • Maik, I have also tried doing that, it just goes from the game i'm trying to capture (in window) to desktop (in game). 

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  • Kishan Patel Report the issue following the steps in my previous post to get to the GameShow Support form.

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  • I have two monitor setup. I have Hearthstone running on one monitor and GameShow 4.5. on the other.


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