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In order to run a stream for my office I need to be able to capture 2 possibly 3 or 4 inputs being possibly 2 separate PCs and the HDMI from a proper camera (not webcam).

There will be times with split screen when we want to see them at the same time, so a simple switch would not help.

I know that BlackMagic has a card with 4 HDMI inputs but is this the only card that has multiple inputs for HDMI?

Furthermore, is getting an external mixing video board any use? I suspect this will prevent me from having all of them on screen at the same time...?

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  • There is also the Magewell Pro Capture Quad HDMI card as an alternative

    When you have installed the card into your system and open Gameshow, you should be able to address all inputs of a given card. You can have all of the inputs on the same shot if you want so you won't need a video switcher (unless you're using a lot of inputs of course) 

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  • Damn it was the Magewell that I know about.
    I was looking for an alternative to that one, sorry. 
    But thank you, will update OP

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  • Nope, not editing. :D

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  • You could buy two BlackMagic Intensity Pro 4k, each of which have 2 HDMI inputs. They come out to ~$400USD, which is about $500USD cheaper than the Magewell Pro Capture


    Or you could buy an SDI card and then buy HDMI to SDI converters.

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  • Amador Custer I think you mean the IP4ks have two inputs, two outputs (one of each on each).

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