When streaming to twitch kbps would drop to 0

Hi all,

Started streaming on Twitch not long ago, not gaming but development.

Using Windows 10 with a more than decent Hardware and good upload speeds.

My question is that sometimes it happens that the stream is on but Gameshow shows 0 kbps and in Twitch nothing can be seen, so far I can fix that only stopping the stream and starting it again but that creates 2 clips and shows any current viewer with me offline.

Is there any way to reset that without having to stop the stream altogether?

Thanks in advanced.


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  • I used twitch test to find the best server and got one with more than 90 quality and then after sometime GameShow goes to 0kbps but doesn't disconnect...

    I have no problem with OBS with same settings tho... so we can discard the connection tho.


    Is there a feature that will make Gameshow to reconnect or refresh the connection? I wouldn't want to just start using OBS when I really paid for GameShow.


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  • Well, today I streamed with OBS for 2 hours and no disconnect... I feel bad I will have to stop using Gameshow.

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  • There is no auto reconnect on disconnect for gameshow.

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  • Hi I've got exactly the same issue,if i use the pc to do something else than streaming.(consult my twitch dashboard as example),Gameshow show suddenly dropped frames and then sometimes 0kbps issue.This issue is not network related,because twitch stills show you online ,you just stream a black screen,and the stream icon is still green in gameshow.

    I'll drop a support ticket this evening

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  • Also having the same issue. i sent in a support ticket on 11/25/17. (Saturday). when i get a reply ill post it.

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  • I've seen on another topic with the same issue that the dev are currently looking at this issue.

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  • Finally got a reply back after sending in all the information they wanted on the issue.

    Gameshow sent me the next beta version 4.2 to try out, I'll be trying it tonight and I'll repost feedback

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  • Well i tried out version 4.2, all testing seems to be good so far, x.264 doesnt drop my stream :)

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  • How about handing out 4.2beta to the public because a lot of us are having this issue and are not able to use the software we paid for...?

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  • I emailed tech support back with the results I had with 4.2. Also stressed that the beta needs to be released. If there wasn't a warning about handing out the beta in the email I received I would just send it to everyone 👍

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  • Vodka Kickstarts 

    Thanks mate. Hopefully they start pushing it pretty soon

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  • "Thank you for wanting to help out the community, but we will be releasing the 4.2 update very soon." -The reply I received about releasing 4.2

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