How do I add a twitch stream flag for testing?

Using twitch, you can add this to the streamkey to enable a test stream "?bandwidthtest=true". How can I add this using Gameshow?

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  • Unfortunately, you can not do this at this time.

    Internal Ref WIRE-10114, WIRE-10930

  • +1 for adding this feature!

  • Clearly I'm getting my $29 worth by using software that can't perform basic diagnostics and testing.

  • I added additional requests for this. This is relatively new funcitonality from twitch, and we are in the middle of some big development work, so have not got to this yet. 

    We also base priorities on number of requests. There are quite a few other features with more requests.

  • Robert Mech You can't do this in obs or xplit either without manually editing the server address there is no toggle box as Bryce said it's something new twitch started doing. You can still do testing, local recordings and bandwidth speed tests to check your upload. Not talking or whatnot.

  • Jamie Freeman at least the option is there and editing the URL is not rocket science.  Honestly I switched back to OBS just working far better than Gameshow for virtually everything.  Just not happy overall with the product. 

  • Never said it was ... Honestly for the average user they do not know how to to that to be perfectly honest.    If you have any issues with gameshow feel free to ask.   

  • +1 for this and any new features that should set this apart as a premium alternative to OBS. C'mon guys, I purchased two copies to support you -- hope that Gameshow can truly be a step up from the others.

  • Lack of simple features like this is why I ditched Gameshow, got a refund and went back to OBS.  I always expect commercial products to exceed the functionality of free alternatives.  The fact that this is still an open request after 7 months I clearly made the right decision to switch back. 

  • Agreed. 10 more months later and this feature still isn't implemented. I know $29 isn't much, but OBS is still free, and basic diagnostics is crucial to being able to identify problems with the stream; this feature disparity is ridiculous, especially given that midi controller support seems to have been given a higher priority than basic diagnostic utilities. Please prioritize.

  • So, is this still a thing we can't do?

  • Steve Wishko Not implemented at this time. Sorry.

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