Black screen being output on stream/record,despite live screen showing content

Hi there,

I posted this in reply to someone else who had this problem on here, but realised their original post was from 9 months ago so probably wan't the same issue causing their problem given how many updates there have been since then!

So, last night I was streaming Wolfenstein New Order without any probs (apart from some v-sync issues that randomly started happening after updating to latest nvidea drivers, did not affect streaming though!). Booted up this morning and started streaming again only to be greeted by a black screen on the browser end of my stream. The audio is still captured correctly but the video layers are just replaced with an all-black screen. (see attached picture!) I have checked and this issue is happening with the recording function also. I uninstalled/reinstalled GameShow and the problem is still there.

Specs as follows (taken from system summary, excuse any unnecessary spurious info!):-

Windows 10 Pro (v.10.0.14393 Build 14393)
x64-based PC
Intel i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz, 3501 Mhz, 4 Cores, 8 Logical Processors
BIOS Version/Date: American Megatrends Inc. P2.30, 11/07/2013
GTX 1080 (Zotac Amp! Extreme edition)
SMBIOS v.2.7
Embedded Controller v.255.255
BIOS Mode: Legacy
BaseBoard Manufacturer: ASRock
16.0 GB
Hyper-V - VM Monitor Mode Extensions    Yes
Hyper-V - Second Level Address Translation Extensions    Yes
Hyper-V - Virtualisation Enabled in Firmware    Yes
Hyper-V - Data Execution Protection    Yes

I posted more on this in the old thread I commented on so will add these as separate posts below.

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  • I've also rolled back the nvidea drivers back to v. Has solved my in-game v-sync issue but still the same black screen when recording/streaming!

  • Okay so I've isolated the problem down to the codecs/encoders - if I set it to quicksync there is no issue (apart from the fact quicksync looks shite!) - the nvidea and x264 encoders result in a black screen. So it does appear to be something in the nvidea update I did which is now affecting my encoders. Will see if I can get them reinstalled and hopefully resolved.

  • Nope! Reinstalled the latest nvidea driver bundle and chose express so everything got installed, and nothing! Still black when encoders are set to nVidea or x264. Needs addressing in the next GameShow update I think.

  • I am looking at this, but it is highly doubtful it has anything to do with us... and I was able to stream x264 just fine.

  • Ah yes, x264 is working! I must have not changed it properly when I was diagnosing. I have tested shadowplay which uses the nVidia H264 to encode the stream and that is coming out fine, so not a hardware isue.

  • So to clarify, you are saying that the issue is only present with NVENC encoding?

  • I think he set it to quicksync thinking it was x264 or Nvenc, quicksync only works if using the onboard GPU , or so it did... ( ... Not sure if Gameshow disables quicksync when the onboard GPU (desktops) is disabled by installing any graphics card.  If it is not hence why he prob shows a black screen on stream.  I would try and test but alas I cant disable the igpu on the laptop :(.

  • Bryce Stejskal Always your answer when you cant figure out the idssue

  • I am also having this issue!!! After last update now my stream goes black screen from no where a hour into the stream!!!! Started happening after last update!!! It has literally hurt my stream and viewer count as it always happens at the worst of times

  • Several months later and I am having the issue too. Uninstalled, rebuilt shots, updated, got rid of TWitch beta...idk what the issue is. I got affiliate so i cant be dropping out like this in my streams. unprofessional 

  • EdwardKenway 100 percent the same. I too just picked up affiliate and this is now happening! At the worst moment like yesterday I got a 36 viewer host... It dropped out! So upset I was charged for this but looks like ill still need to learn OBS which everyone has been telling me for awhile 

  • IU have also sent in 3-6 request for some help. Has not happened. Customer service is a total joke and the support is what you are looking at. All they will do is ask me to do a bunch on my end always time consuming and still not have a clue

  • Hi all,

    First off, thank you all for reporting and providing information to us.
    This was a pretty complicated issue that took a while for us to figure out the cause of.  We have hopefully fixed it and the change will be coming soon.

  • Amador Custer Any updates on this? I purchased Gameshow in order to have more options and control over my streams, but have had nothing but problems since.

    I am constantly having my stream go blank on me while the preview and live screens in Gameshow show the game. This has forced me to go back to using OBS since, while I do not like the software as much, it is reliable.

    It is even worse now that I have recommended it to fellow streamers and they are having the same issues while evaluating Gameshow.

    I can reliably reproduce this issue and am more than willing to work with you to help debug and test the issue.

  • Mark Brown 

    Thanks for volunteering!  Fortunately we believe we have already fixed this issue.  The fix will be in the next release.  Sadly, I cannot give any specifics as to when that will be.

  • So basically what you are saying is I'm screwed? I have NEVER used OBS and now I don't have a stream cause I choose GAMESHOW! You know there is a issue but you are going to make us wait??????? WTH now I cant even go live! its been months! I feel we deserve a refund! for the time you know are systems are down that's not to include all the support I have also lost cause I choose your product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess I will have to learn OBS after all cause Game Show takes your money knowing their stuff is faulty!  

  • I wonder what kind of trouble a Co could get in for selling what they know is a falty product? 

  • Chase they said they fixed it. I’ve been out for a week and haven’t been able to see if it’s better, but whenever the next patch is I’m sure some kind of fix will be out. I hope

  • EdwardKenway this seems to be a more active thread. anyone know how to re-enter your stream key?

  • EdwardKenway You change this in the Output menu option


  • Mark Brown Ive done that many times, it just has you login again--not change stream key. 

  • EdwardKenway Then I can't help you. I have never entered my stream key, only logged into my twitch account. If I wanted to change my key to stream with a different twitch account, I would do what I showed and log in with that other twitch account.

    Gameshow probably uses the twitch api after you log in to get and store the stream key.

  • I get the same error its one of their MAANY bugs 

  • I'm throwing my hat in the ring with this one. Issue started yesterday, with no problems for months. I did not make any changes to my computer, and even after updating to High Sierra there were no issues until last night. To make things weirder, the output worked for a few minutes, went black for the better part of an hour, and then suddenly re-appeared for the last five minutes of the stream.

    I downloaded OBS and have had no issues whatsover tonight for thirty minutes, so I'm guessing the problem isn't with my computer's encoding, per-se, but Gameshow's. This reflects earlier comments about hardware not being observed as the issue.

    I've tried: changing bitrate, not broadcasting more than 720, H264 vs x264, changing server location, changing stream delay, trashing preference files.

  • ...adding on to what I've tried: changing the output settings in Gameshow > Preferences by altering frame rate, colourspace, high quality, toggling between 30 and 60fps outputs when on the Preferences' 60fps option, switching back to 30fps in Preferences...

    If it appears black in the video recording output, it'll be black on stream. This will same some troubleshooters the hassle of refreshing a Twitch dashboard.

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