Microphone comes in pitch shifted way downward?

I'm on OSX Sierra 10.12, using an mbox mini interface. When i try to use the mbox mini input, the audio comes in pitchshifted way lower than it should be. I mean my voice is literally turning into the voice news programs use to hide the identity of who they're talking to. Except that's also happening to all the sound around me too. I've tried checking my microphone in other programs and it works just fine, and when i was testing this out the last few days it was working just fine too.

I've tried restarting Gameshow but i'm getting no fix. I had the issue yesterday as well, but fixed it randomly by changing the USB input; a solution that is no longer working today. Like I mentioned, it works in all the other programs i tried without issue.

Would love a solution, thanks.

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  • If you go into System Preferences and change the audio input to your built-in mic, add that within Gameshow, is the mic's volume still as low as?

  • Pitch shifting is usually due to sample rate mismatches.

    If you spotlight search "Audio Midi" you can pull open the audio config tool for your machine.

    find the mbox, go to input, and set its sample rate to 48Khz. You can also try 44.1Khz.

    Should resolve.

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