Capturing Sound Not Working With External Device

I am unable to get Gameshow to capture my System Audio when using my Asus Xonar U7 mkII.

I tried connecting it to my on board sound and selecting that as the capture device and it works fine but once I change it back to my sound card it will not capture.


It just they system audio though, it will still capture my mic through the external sound card.

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  • Make sure you have selected your soundcard as your audio device in the System Audio Capture Properties tab.

  • I have tried adding the System Audio Capture to the shot went to properties and changes it to Headphones (Xonar U7 MKII) and it still not capturing it.


    I also tried going File>Preferences>General and setting Audio interface to Headphones (Xonar U7 MKII) and still nothing.

  • So i was playing around with it some more, I uninstalled all of my sound drivers and it was working. I then tried to reinstall my drivers and it stopped with the driver update.

  • Cole Butterfield 

    Was there a specific driver that caused it to stop working?

  • It appears to be the Xonar U7 driver off from Asus website I have uninstalled and reinstalled it a few times and it works with it uninstalled but when i install it, it stops working

  • I also have the problem that sound is not working while using my sound card (external) (Complete audio 6). I work in Logic, the sound comes thru to everything except Gameshow. Off course I've added the sound card to my layers, 'capture device' is going to Logic, it doesn't matter if I check on or off 'capture audio'.. What am I missing?

  • I also cannot hear music thru Gameshow using iTunes or VLC

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