So i'm using the macbook pro 2016 and i'm trying to stream League of Legends. the game runs fine (slight drop in fps (which i don't mind (if there's a way raise this fps, i'd like to know))), but when i watch the recording or the stream, there appears to be a drop in captured fps. through further investigation it appears that this is due to running League at 2880x1800 resolution. lowering the in-game resolution smoothens it out. is there a way to continue to run at 2880x1800 resolution even if the output is 1080x720? i don't think it's a cpu issue, but moreso the inability to: capture such high resolution / downscale from it. thoughts?

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  • Been battling this for weeks with both Telestream support and Riot support. No luck. I just put up with dropping to 50-60 FPS both in game and my stream even drops frames! ;D


    What's going on Telestream/Riot???

  • Syphon capture will be in the next release of Gameshow, hopefully that will improve capture performance in some games/applications.

  • I'm already using 4.0. Something is definitely still broken with League.

  • Syphon capture is not in our Gameshow 4.0 beta. It will be included in the public release of 4.0.

  • Whelp, I'm so glad to know that it's definitely League's fault at this point!

  • okay. thanks for the updates! the problem is that i decided to switch from OBS due to having to constantly re-inject using Syphon whenever i started a new game, which i assume is fixed in Gameshow. and also, the program itself takes a bit of CPU to run. 

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