Tobii Gaze Overlay

I got an eye tracker and I'm trying to use the stream overlay found at

I followed the OBS instructions but and it appears to work on the Gameshow 3.4 (I tried it on 3.3 but got a no game feed found message) but I need the "Allow Transparency" option otherwise the gaze overlay completely covers everything.

My operating system is Windows 10 Pro with an i7-4790 processor.

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  • kat

  • I have't used the Gaze overlay, but I'm checking it out and will let you know what I find out. 

  • Are you asking that we add "Allow Transparency" to the screen capture settings? Ifo so, please add it to the Feature Request thread:

  • Hey Long Tran ,

    I am interested to know how you were able to get it to work in 3.4 while not being able to do so in 3.3. Did you do anything different between the two? 

  • Long Tran  - did you try the opacity slider in the shot editor?


  • Trevor Bryant No, I just tried adding it the same way on both versions. But I did just got the eye tracker so it's possible I didn't configure something correctly when I did my first test with v3.3. I'll try again with 3.3 this weekend.

  • Hey Long Tran ,

    Please let us know how that works for you!

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