Can't display Youtube Gaming chat.

Hey! So i'm kinda new with this of streaming and i just wanted to add the youtube chat on my streaming but nothing appears, it just stays blank. Actually it appears like... really fast, in a blink basically, "[something]_requires_youtube_auth".

I don't know what authentication does Gameshow needs to show the live chat of my stream.

I'll appreciate the answer! Thank you very much! 

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  • When you first create a document and choose Youtube you need to give the credentials for Youtube and authorize.  You may have skip this step.    When you finally do add the chat widget it will be blank with only a framed box until chat is typed on the channel page.

  • I gave credentials for Youtube and i authorized it, i'm pretty sure about that i did that step. So i don't know what's happening.

    I made a test where i type on the chat of my stream but the widget still appeared blank.

  • Hey Alberto Lopez Hernandez ,

    Will you go up into the Output tab under Output settings and confirm for me that you are authorized to Youtube? If so, please go into the Help tab and select Send Support Information. From here, please Reset Preferences at the bottom left. 

    Once you do that, please relaunch into a new document and let me know if you continue to experience this issue.

    If you do, please create a new Youtube account and let me know if you are able to connect within Gameshow.

  • Having the same issue, followed the suggested steps including creating a new channel, and can't seem to figure this out. Has anyone had success fixing this?

  • Any luck working around this issue? I'm having the same issue with the latest Mac build. Two-factor authentication is enabled on my Google account.

  • NumberOneStreamer Actually, yes. 

    * Open GameShow

    * Select "Send Support Information" from the Help menu. 

    *(This is what I missed) Support Assist will open as a new application. You must quit the GameShow Application before continuing. The fix won't work otherwise.

    *Click "Reset Preferences" in the Support Assist Application. 

    You should be good to go. Open GameShow, log back in, and try the process again. You may have to manually find your saved session if you already made one, but no big deal there. 

    Hope that helps!!

  • Thanks, that workaround worked once. Then as I was changing the colors & fonts, I lost the chat again. Same error message. Seems like this feature is not stable and could break at anytime. So I decided not to use the chat until the bug is fixed.

  • NumberOneStreamer This happened to me too, same exact thing, guess it's a mac bug

  • I'm having same issue too.

    Has this problem been fixed? How can I use Youtube Gaming chat? 

    It still has a problem.

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