Gameshow OSX Regression (Sierra)

Normally I do not have any issues with gameshow.  But it seems the latest verisons to gameshow seemed to have tanked mac performance. 


steam settings 


cpu preset default 

bitrate 3000

x264 preset 

advanced x264 encoder settings.

buffersize 5500 slow first pass (even removed slow first pass.)

audio bitrate 192 aac 

source 1 Ultrastudio 4k extreme (games captured from second pc or consoles.)

source 2 UltraStudio express (1080p30 Gopro camera even backed it down to 720p30)

Generic cam overlay

web-display with muxy alerts.

Running software when gameshow is running just muxy ticker to track followers.

Random osx system services

overall cpu usage 30 - 68% (gameshow)

system reports about 70 percent overall cpu useage.

Problem I am getting is a lot of dropped frames as a local recording and or streaming about 5 frames every 10 seconds .  Never had this issue before with older builds of Gameshow.


System macbook pro late 2013 i5 2.4 ghz

8 gb ddr 3 memory

256 gb pci-e ssd


Bandwith 200MB down / 200 MB UP or 1600mbps / 1600 mbps

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  • Thank you for the post.

    When you can, please go to Help > Send Support Information. Provide the same details as you have in the forum, then choose the option to send the report.

    A technician will review your information and try to reproduce your issue on our end.

    You should get a response on your issue in a timely manner.

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