Gameshow 2.0 Beta - Hotkey Manager, bug fixes

The Gameshow 2.0 Beta includes a preview of the new feature we've been hard at work on: Hotkey Manager!

This new feature allows you to bind custom hot key combinations to your Shots, allowing you to switch Shots from within Gameshow, or while in-game!

We hope that this feature will bring more flexibility to your productions, particularly for those of you playing and streaming on the same computer.

How to use the Hotkey Manager in Gameshow 2.0 Beta:

  1. Open up the Preferences and configure your key combinations in the Hotkeys tab.
  2. Select the Global check-box if you wish to be able to activate a particular key combination from outside of the Gameshow window (i.e. from in-game).
  3. Right-click on a Shot and select your new Hotkey from the "Keyboard Shortcuts" sub-menu.
  4. Press the new Hotkey combination to send that Shot live (if Auto-Live is disabled you will need to press the Go button to send the Shot live).

Our engineers are working hard to iron out the remaining kinks in order to make Gameshow 2.0 the most burly release yet. We'd love to hear your feedback on what rocks and what doesn't, so we can address your concerns before the upcoming release.


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  • What rocks: everything!

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  • Brian does the beta fix the sample rate issue on the Mac?
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  • Sorry, long day yesterday. I will test it on tonight's stream.

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  • Tuviah just tested the new version now. The issue is still present. The second the loading screen showed up the frequency changed to 48000 immediately and the pitch was lowered as usual.

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  • Brian,

    Can you take a listen to this video I recorded and see if it is exhibiting the issue you're talking about?

    I've tried launching Gameshow before League, and then League before Gameshow, while setting the sample rate back to 44.1k each time. As I mentioned previously I definitely see the sample rate automatically switch to 48khz by League. I just can't tell if the audio is being pitched down as you describe.

    If you have recordings of your reproduction of the issue could you link them to me? If you've linked them on the forum before I can't seem to find them.

    What audio device do you use in your system? I am currently using a Razer Kraken 7.1 headset.


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  • Question, when these updated builds come out, do you guys uninstall the current one you have before installing the latest? Or just install on top of?

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  • Paul Hindt that audio was way too jumbled to hear anything. All I heard was ability sounds and couldn't hear any of the character voices and announcer voice. It's most notably different based on the speech of characters and announcer as well as any music I may have playing. I'm guessing that's why you didn't notice. Try only listening to the announcer; it basically becomes a "male announcer,"  as one of my viewers described it, because of the pitch being lowered.


    I haven't made any recordings. I always stream at 10PM though.


    I use these with the original aux cable that came with them.

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  • Have you tried deleting the LoL config file then re launching the game and setup your audio again.  League had a issue awhile ago where updates were corrupting config files and not actually saving the preferences. 

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  • ClintusGames I usually just install on top of. 

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